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So, I'm playing.  And I know this is happening to other players.. and all the sudden, i can't do -anything- nothing i type sends.

I can see evrything that happens, in real time, no lag..

But I can't move!  xhelp.. type anything!

;set_connection_option(#you, "hold-input", 1)


I am having the same thing happen while I am in my new rose cube.   I think my time is about to expire.  Help!

;set_connection_option(#you, "hold-input", 1)
is this suppost to free me or not.  Cackling and running away doesn't tell me anything.

Okay,  I got fixed. (um. that didn't sound right)

I sent a e-mail to help@sindome.org and a few hours later I logged in and I was fine.  Hope that helps anybody else who gets stuck that way.


I've seen this many a time in many a year.

It is a lag/connection issue in a way. Your sent messages are not reaching the server, but your recieve messages are. Usually it corrects itself after 30 seconds to a minute, sometimes as long as two minutes.

If it persists, log out, then wait 2 minutes, then log back in.

If you are in an emergency situation, xhelp for assistance and if there is a free admin we will try to help out.

If all of those do not work, send an email to help@sindome.org

ummm... Iga... if its a lag/connection issue, and a players send messeges aren't going through.... xhelp in an emergency situation will do -no- good... it won't get there... Last time it happened to me i was in an emergency so I popped an IM over to bixby or wren or chaos  (Cant remember) and they got me celled until I could log in and be active, over an hour later...

Anyway, not meaning to be a smartass.. just thought I'd point out, xhelp wouldn't do much in that situation.

Had it happen to me, but thanks to Iga's tips I was able to wait it out, thanks Iga.

Lazy fucker, xhelp totall works. TOTALLY!