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Abusing 'Unknown User' on Grid 2.0

There is currently a method being used and shared ICly by grid hackers that enables them to disrupt the OOC connection to the grid and mask their identify from node records when hacking.

This is not an intended 'feature' of Grid 2.0. It's an exploit abusing OOC code and the lack of code to stop the hacking process in absence of an active grid login.

Any future use of this bug will result in OOC punishment. You're using it to OOCly cover up the IC destruction of node content and making it ICly impossible to track your movement in a system that would clearly have ICly tracks left behind in some capacity no matter how good of a hacker you are.

There are IC ways to hide your tracks and they involve taking the effort to become grid anonymous.

Why is this a problem?

We're actively preparing for Grid 3.0 development, leaving ikonboard behind and building a brand new Grid infrastructure using node.js. You're leaving holes in the archival data we want to bring over to Grid 3.0 from Ikonboard.

Don't make Fengshui's job harder than it needs to be. We all want Grid 3.0 whether you knew it was being worked on or not. This is probably the first time 99% of you have heard that we're working on it.

Thread bump.