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Nanos and physical damage
Ebola, and the slicy shooty hitty kind

So   Ebola causes damage to you.  Physical damage making your internals unhappy.     Fairly similar to  being beaten/cut/shot whatever.    Now unless I'm totally off in my understanding here, the Enhanced Antibodies nanos heal physical damage.  You get shot, after a time the Nanos heal the wound.      Now I don't know if the disease is just so counteractive to healing that you don't heal, but people who have said nanos for all effective purposes seem to be damaging at a rate that is the same as people without from ebola.    

To complicate things even more, Do you only get symptoms while your logged on?  and does that in turn mean that the more you log the more your character experiences the negativve effects of being injured?

Third, maybe when you have severe coughing fits there should be a little pile of vomit that you emit, and players walking by it or touching it in any way get sick, maybe an easier to track who's left what nasties where.     That could be overbearingly disgusting, but funny at the same time.  

So ya just a few random thoughts brought up from recent happenings.  sorry I have yet to have my coffee yet this morning so it's a bit random.

Yes, you only take damage when logged in.  It wouldn't be fair otherwise, however you can go to a doctor and have them heal you as much as you want and will never die.  So you should not take getting ebola as a reason not to sign on!  

ICly, the ebola attacks the body in a way that renders the nanos useless.