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PSA: Keep the MOO clean!
Help reduce bloat and keep the MOO clean!

Hey Everyone!

We want to keep the MOO clean and free of bloat so that new items that you want to see in game will enter the game. There are a ton of silly items in player hands or laying around. This causes bloat. There are something like 280 shitty pairs of pants (the 5 chy ones you get from the clothing depot as an Immy).

When you see items like this laying around not being used... trash them.

When you see pizza slices or boxes or empty cartons or anything not being used or useless, trash that stuff to reduce bloat. If you can't trash it, drop it in a recycling chute so that we can get rid of it.

Do your part! Keep the MOO clean.

Thank you!

-- Slither

Trash food and drinks.

Trash letters you have read.

Trash and delete (from your cameras) photographs which aren't of significant current IC interest.

Trash flyers you've read and resumes you're never going to submit.

Throw everything you can't trash or items you want a little SIC credit for down the IC recycling chutes - that's what they're there for and why recycling has this mild incentive.

If you want to hold out for a better price than the 10% credit, TAKE ACTION and find a buyer already. Don't expect to be able to hold out for 95% of retail value when selling it to another character - just sell it for whatever you can get for it, so that the other player can re-use yours and not spawn a new copy of their own. It's RP and reduces your hoard, so get on this.

Hoarding is rotten. If your dwelling has more than about 20 items in it, figure out which ones you really do not need, and either trash them, recycle them, sell them, use them up, or give them away.

If you're a player who acquires cartons of things, DO NOT take all of the items out of the carton!

Take out what you need when you need it.

The entire point of cartons is that it's one object, instead of many.

Use up, sell or trash your un-consumed drugs and smokables.

Make sure your used-up, empty ammunition clips get trashed or recycled.

Don't spam 'buy jeans' at the thriftstore just to get the color you want - RP till someone who has it can hook you up, instead of making Hardy spawn useless and unwanted extras.

This PSA brought to you by Rikken's Chicken!

Rikken's Chicken: Fuck you! I'm eating!