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@lp for items

Would be useful if it's possible for us to assign @lp to items, for example...

if you want to put an e-note on the table during the meeting, you can @lpi e-note is laying face down on the table (lpi stands for look place item) instead of dropping it upright so it'll look nicer and more more immersive when a person steps in and sees 'E-note is laying face down on the table' instead of it being on the floor.

I can see it already!!

*types look*

A CleverGirl VersaBlack mascara eyeliner pen is laying askew on the sink. An emerald green logo top is half hidden underneath the bath mat. A pair of black jeans is hanging over the towel rack, drying. A six pack of ebola~cola is sitting on the back of the toilet, a few cans missing. A pair of gray jeans is also hanging over the towel rack next to the black jeans. A kitty-ear headband is discarded in the corner. A slinky top is hanging on the edge of a clothes basket. A digital watch is sitting on the sink next to the eyeliner pen so it won't get wet. A purple leather dress is in the clothes basket. A bright purple silk stockings is in the clothes basket. A pair of white cotton panties is hidden underneath the dress so it isn't clearly visible, maybe just a corner peeking out. A cherry red blouse is in the clothes basket. A pair of matte black suit pants is in the clothes basket. A medium blank canvas seems to have been forgotten here, not really having any business being in the bathroom.

Ya I can imagine all that spam already!

I guess my post is trying to say that it could easily get a bit out of hand.

It can get out of hand, certainly, but I would say it is still a highly useful addition. To take the example of walking into a room and seeing an e-note, how are you to RP without knowing where it is? Is it an e-note that has been dropped and forgotten? Or is it integral to the meeting going on?

I see the RP value in it, to be honest. I'm not opposed. But when you give people tools like this they tend to go wild without any sense of restraint. So I would be reluctant and it's usually me convincing Johnny to be on board with stuff like this, and I don't know that I'd want to try to convince him on the merits of this one. It'd have to be based on @temp_place to be honest. As soon as it changes hands it clears.

We already have support for this, but its in admin hands only. :)

Can we have clothes basket containers, though?

There's already a lot of shit to put your clothes in.

I won't be adding objects to the game whose sole purpose is so you can hide your hoard of rainbow undies.

Who wanted to hide them? We were clearly wanting to attractively display them.

In all seriousness though, I really do think it would enhance RP to be able to have some objects in a room clarified as to how they're positioned or being used. Is it feasible codewise to set a limit on how many objects per room could have an item @tp before the oldest one is cleared and defaults back to being just part of the list of items in the room?

More seriously here too, I agree with Cerb both that it could get out of hand and that it would have to be @tp-based. I've seen GM-written object @lps that wind up badly out of place before, no pun intended. What I will say, though, is that it -would- be nice to be able to have a bunch of objects in a room without the visual being a giant messy pile, especially for people playing neat freaks and whatnot.

You can buy cabinets, foot lockers, combolocks, etc from your local furniture store.

Maybe thats part of how we work it. A fundamental limit on how many things warrant being put in an IC rooms 'look'. Hoards would be visually limited, making things unseen having to be searched for because theres just so much crap to look through ...