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for all your kidnapping needs

I bet that every criminal player has wanted to kidnap someone, at some point. The problem is that Withmore's one big small city and you can't really take them to somewhere secluded without counting on a bunch of their buddies waiting on your doorstep, unless you go to the Badlands. I propose that players should be able to blindfold other players with a piece of rag or a garment when they are incapacitated, cuffed, being grappled by a third, or @trusted, meaning that they won't be able to see where are they standing at (like when a room is too dark?), also hiding the room's name to avoid metagaming. It'd add some roleplay opportunities for all kind of factions.

I am always open to items that help stop meta and allow for some fun RP. There are some items ICly that can work in a similar fashion if used in a certain, but I think blindfolds would be a nice middle ground from just dragging around someone to full on knocking them out. Could maybe be sold like fuzzy handcuffs or other sex items, having multiple uses.

As someone whose gone to great lengths to kidnap people on multiple occasions (and victim of various kidnapping during my time here) - the real issue is the PC on the receiving end. Most players tend to not contribute or in some cases opt-out completely to the RP when this occurs. While another incapacitating item may be useful I do not believe it will resolve the root problems faced when engaging in such an activity.

A lot of location descriptions rely on the full range of senses to be present. It would make no sense to be effectively "unconscious" through and item, when there's already items that do that.

Items and methods exist to cause this effect on a temporary basis, but I can still see a niche use for this sort of thing. If blindfolds were rolled in, they should slip after a while, similar to disguises.

Ultra Head Plugs!

Ultra Head Plugs!

Unfortunately, blindfolding would involve exactly the same technical hurdles which prevent out-and-out blinding.

It's just an impossible project to intercept all of the possible code paths which tell a character what they're seeing. There's no "sight subsystem" which we can just disable.

The workaround? Knock them out!

Kill Them. Kill them all.

Who needs blindfolds when you can take eyeballs! While blindfolding would be nice, I can see the reasoning behind not implementing it. Knocking out, in its large variety, would be preferable.

Nice try Dawnshot. Blinding does not work. And you can't get eyeballs from the living.

Why does blinding not work? I actually really like this idea if i understand it properly. If there were a way to just be able to get the ambient additions to rooms that one was ushered through based on relevant perception checks it would be awesome. Plus you could still hear, speak, pose, etc. Kidnappers or even admin -if they were involved- could drop relevant clues via spoofs (that maybe wouldn't be blocked by the blinding). That's far from being rendered "unconscious" and sounds a lot more interesting to me. If its doable is another thing, i guess.

I was joking about the eyeballs. I know you can't get eyes from the living, sadly.