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Default weapons
Getting them into your hand at the appropriate time.

I was looking for a thread on this, but couldn't find one. Would it be possible to get the @default-weapon me is setting to recognize a weapon in a sling, sheath, or holster? So that if a swordsman were attacked walking down the street, they would immediately begin defending themself with their preferred weapon. It would require they have that designated weapon in their possession, of course...

It would seem a logical choice for me, but I don't know if there would be enough interest, or how difficult it would be to code appropriately.

It is possible to do this currently, but it takes a bit of a work around. @macros allow you to setup a sequence like 'open sling' then 'get weapon from sling'. Then, said macro can be given an automatic trigger. A trigger could be made to respond to the text of combat starting, like 'fixes their gaze' or what have you.

Still, it's kind of clunky. What I think would be a good middle ground, would be to allow players to set an @macro as their default weapon. This takes pressure of trying to code default weapon to recognize that said default is in a container on the player and instead put the job on each player to set their default to their particular weapon and weapon container, while doing away with the need to create an awkward work around with triggers.