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Following the Address

I think it would be awesome, if you were following or followed by somebody, if you continued to watch and address that person. As it is, moving and roleplaying at the same time is a big pain in the ass. Posing resolves this issue, but not all of us are posers.

Having to move a step, then watch and address a person as soon as you can, just to make sure you don't miss something they are trying to say or do is a hassle. Don't get me wrong, I love the watch and address system, but there should be some way to give your attention to someone even as you're moving. If I'm walking side by side with someone and they grope me, I should be aware. :)

Well. If they grope *you*, they're addressing you. Same if they speak to you. You don't have to watch them at that point. Same if you address them with an emote or a say.

(Emote triggers addressing the same way pose does)

There aren't that many outdoor spots where ambient population is so dense as to even require freshening your watches.

Damn, I hit the post button instead of the cancel button. I didn't mean to post it 'cause someone just told me that emote doesn't address after all. IGNORE

I like this idea and will look into what it would take.

I went to post this suggestion and found a topic from two years ago about it, so I'm bumping it.

I walk around with my friends a lot, sometimes while we're working or shopping, and it breaks up the monotony of going from point A to point B to RP along the way. It can be really fiddly to make sure everyone's watch and address are updated every time you get to a new room, and it's really hard to navigate AND RP AND remember which type of emote you need to be using.

Rather than grouping this based on follow as suggested above, could it be set so that names in your watch/address list persisted for about twenty seconds before dropping off due to that person not being around? That'd solve most of the scenarios where this is a problem without tying it specifically to the follow system.

Clarification: emote does not trigger address the same way pose does.

In interested in knowing how many people find this topic relevant. Would more RP happen on the move if we had a better system for doing it while in motion?

It might.. but I can concur the system has lead to some -real- awkward RP on the move.. like.. guy-you-are-walking-withOD's-dramatically ... you don't notice ... your whole mobile unit doesn't notice... and he was asking you if he should take more ...and he thought your collective silence was consent >_>

People in the same follow posse should be automatically watching each other, I think.

Even with proper watching and all that, walking RP can get drowned out by room descriptions. I think improvements to the movement system would encourage more RP, but that is another obstacle to be aware of when trying to roleplay in transit.

Followers and escorts are already 'paying attention to' you. Has always been this way. :)

To continue Johnny's thread (after speaking with him about this):

If you are following /escorting someone, you are watching them. However, if someone is following you, that may be nonconsensual and thus, we cannot assume you, the person being followed, are watching back.

One quick way, when walking, to make sure everyone can here you:

address /all

Due to the coded nature of hearing and perception, there is no watch /all since you would often want to be explicit about who you are giving your attention to.

Another way to do RP while on the move is to utilize taxis and other vehicles. Especially ones run by players!

-- S

Vehicles are spammy as fuck, is the issue there, unless there's a feature I'm missing.

Address/all works fine if you remember to do it, but I posted the suggestion because it's awkward to remember to do that every room when you're in the middle of RP and the auto-address is not two-way between leaders and followers.

Making address and watch persist for 20 seconds, then re-check to see if the target is gone before clearing, would fix this issue for almost all use cases, not just following.

No, if someone is RPing with you, following you, they will be addressing you and you will see it. If they're not doing this, they might not want you to notice them and you NEED to type watch as a game mechanic to watch for them in the new area you moved to. This is their opportunity not to be seen or noticed in their actions. Missing some things in this context is by design.

Use the TO command, use a directed social (nod bob) or include your target in a pose (not an emote) to automatically address someone you are not following.

I understand where you are coming from Vera. A while back I recognized it was a bit of an issue for moving RP and decided to adjust my posing style to accommodate it. I try to avoid 'to' as much as possible because it seems to 'chatroom' to me when it's just a wall of people to'ing back and forth, so I trained myself to do things like:

.nod to Aikao and .say, "Sup bata?"

.look over at Juicy and .nod.

.nod to Murphy.

.grin at Allandra.

If you're using directed poses (or to) while moving, you will auto address and the other person does not need to watch. You can also include multiple names in your poses.

.look over at Murphy before nodding to Allandra, "Partners, huh?"

You can also take a moment to OOCly explain how movement / speaking works so that you and your fellow RPers are all on the same page! if they know, and you know, problem solved!

-- S

Regarding this, when walking / running with someone, I've had to use copy/paste because sometimes the person is leaving the screen just after I show up on the screen when following.

When talking to the person, sometimes I have to repost the same line. Or them to me.

It's not a big deal but sometimes it is easier to just wait until we get to wherever it is to talk though sometimes we need to stop them before reaching the destination.

It's not a big deal but if there was a way to more easily talk to them (without shouting) when on the move, that'd be nice.

When not moving quickly through the street blocks, posing is definitely fun or interesting, like the examples from Slither above.