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I think someone should fix/open the casino. And have Poker. Or make a card deck so we can play Poker. MMM. Poker.

Ha, ha!  Poker!  As if I don't spend enough of my real life playing poker for fake money.  Now, my character is going to spend most of -his- life playing poker in his -fake- life for fake money!

Hm... texas hold'em...

5 card with 2's wild. I roxor.

i am all for it... WOOO poker

But for those people who need to play poker now


Good stuff

Okay..I read quite abit in the Ideas Starvation thread about the casino(seemed things got off subject) and was just curious about any possibilities of the casino re-opening anytime soon.  I personally think it'd be a great place for RP.   A place with very high security, yet big money mixers and wage slaves can meet up and have their pissing contests.  Anyways...just curious.