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Living in luxery.

Ok this has nothing to do with the look at TV thing I just thought that this perticular idea didn't deserve its on thread.

Ok well furniture such as cabinets, televisions, BIG phones, Amplifiers or deaplifiers, Lamps. Pretty much everything that could be placed in a real apartment. All of these or most of the furniture catogorys.

Also HoloCals is there a way where we can customize its display maybe a different color or different, dd/mm/yyyy maybe we could switch it around or take away something.

That including, Is there more furniture out there or a place where we players can furnish our characters. Such as Beds, I know there is beds already, Couches, Love seats, Armoir, tables, Chairs, Recliners of some sort. There might be some other things that other people could add aswell.

Also if we could make windows interactive. Maybe if you smoked too much and your grrl is coming over you'll wanna be airing out the place.

All this stuff may overwhelm certain mixers with how much it would cost. Maybe a certain way we could raise or lower the cost of certain furniture...

I was going to put this in a different post... thinking it wasn't going to be worth it until I started typing. Now I just relized how much I did have on my mind. Or maybe we could have a Pay plans to pay over 4 months instead of years in real life becuase of the average life-span of mixers. Now since there is alot of stuff going in my mind about this please post if you have anything to add.

That is my rant..

(Edited by Ihasamoney at 3:13 am on April 6, 2008)

Oops I forgot to take off the TV thing.

Thats the forum I -was- going to put it in.
My bad.

Well, if you live in an apartment vs a hotel cube you can redecorate your room by using the @redecorate command. Then the admins look it over to make sure it's suitable and charge you an amount for the modifications, as if you were actually buying all the furniture. You don't have a bunch of separate objects, but they're all 'still there'. And windows you can just emote opening them and airing the place out

Remember, just because it's not coded into the system doesn't mean you can interact with it. Such as plowing over a group of homeless men while running away from a Judge, or squashing a cockroach in the Drome with your thumb ;)

Or rummaging through that mountain of trash until you find needle and thread to sew up a hole in your clothes from a bullet.

There are lots and lots of things that would simply overwhelm poor Johnny and the rest of the guys if they had to code it all. Use your imagination!

That's why we're here right? :)

Haha, reading this reminded me of a younger me. I posted a similar topic like 4 years ago. SEE:


/wistful sigh

Yeah, as Lillith pointed out, you don't need coded furniture to have a good time RPing. Sure it's nice to have a things like a bar to sit at in the Drome, or a table to sit at at the Orifice, places that are major gathering points for many people.

But after thinking about it myself, you don't want coded furniture. You're actually limiting your creativity by having it. All you need is a mind creative enough to come up with really cool @look_places, and there your furniture for you.

Lillith described the way in which you get all your fancy furniture in your room. It's gonna cost you, but you still have it there to "interact" with. Trust me, it works ;-)