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Tattoo Rework
Because tattoos will triumph because spam is dumb.

Tattoos are currently in a weird place, in my opinion. You have your tattoo gun, you tattoo a permanent thing onto someone's @naked's, and that is that. It's great, tattoos are cool, but what isn't cool is spam. As the current coded system goes, if you want to describe what the tattoo looks like, every single word tacks onto the length of someone's @naked, increasing the length of their description by a vast amount.

I had an idea, that was shot down, about using a clothing object to create a 'tattoo'. You'd still RP using the tattoo gun and what not, and have the @worn message be quite short, while having the description be as detailed as you like. That way someone could 'look tattoo on person' and see what the tattoo really looked like. I can't really go into detail on why the idea was shut down, because apparently it would require extra coding of some kind to properly implement. (ideas of why this doesn't work in a decent way in game is because clothing objects have a weight, a value, can be removed, can be sold, can get bloodied up....possibly other effects that I'm not aware of)

I think the base idea of it is exceptionally better than the one that is in place at the moment.

Create a describable tattoo, with a short @naked description, so people can have all the detail they could ever want, without forcing the huge amount of details on everyone that just wants a refresher on what color eyes someone has for their RP.

I like the idea itself but I'm not sure how it would be implemented in the code. It strikes me as something that would be a lot of work. That said I think the concept has merit and whilst I doubt it's a priority it's something I'd like to see in the future.

Precisely why I thought the dynafiber workaround would have been good, but...

No, it probably isn't a priority, but as far as my limited knowledge allows, I don't think it would be terribly hard to implement, either. More or less, it would just have to make the tattoo gun force wear (with permission on the target, of course) a weightless object that cannot be 'remove'ed. Of course, that is with just limited knowledge and is probably wrong.

Either way, I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes the idea.

Without worrying about who might code it or how or when, I'mna speak up to say I like the idea of "look 1st tat on " for extra detail.

And to say that big tats and multiple tats make the same impression in the game as they do in real life. To paraphrase the words of my real-life custom tailor, reacting to seeing particularly bold patterns on someone's outfit one time, "That's a lot of look."

"look 1st tat on <person>"

I like this idea, that's not to say that it is going to happen but I like the way this -would- work. It's definitely something I would like to see you guys flesh out a bit more on this thread.

How do you see the input working? From the tattoo artists point of view?

Enter the name of the tattoo: (1 line, 50 characters): green dragon

Enter the short description (1 line, 100 characters): A large %t is tattooed on his butt.

Enter the long description (10 lines, 1000 characters): A much longer description of the %t goes here and is viewed when you type look.

Look <-- Shows short desc with %t highlighted in a different color

look green dragon on <-- Shows long desc


Something like that?

That's basically how I'm seeing it. If it would be possible to set it up so that the key words that trigger the 'look x on' were highlighted on the modern gaming client too, that would be great...

Something like that would be awesome, yes, but I could also see it being something very similar to how the painting is done.

On a phone so I can't do all the details, but a number of lines you're allowed to do, with color code added in, name, and then some way to position the tattoo on someone. In any order, really.

I like this idea from the artist pov.

And I would love to add %color to the long desc like when painting on the digital canvas

I had this idea the other day too and thought it would be a great addition to the game, simplify appearance (spam) while also adding a lot more to the RP. It would allow someone who maybe doesn't want to spam their general (@nakeds) appearance to add something really really detailed that interested players could just "look" at to see it more clearly.

I rezzed this just wondering what the final thoughts (if any) on this were?

bumping again to put back on the radar. Maybe? Ideas?

This could use the sticker system maybe... Hmmm

Oh, a short / long description option would be nice.

Red dragon tattoo over character's back.

A red dragon sits on character's back, as if perched... blah blah blah.

Yes, this will eventually be done via stickers. We've wanted to 'shorten' tattoos for a while in much the same way that there are details in room descriptions you don't always look at. :)

I like that.

Now all those Yaks can be covered as they're supposed to (when shirts are off) and it won't hurt our eyes. Let's not forget the bikers. Oh, Solos, punks, gangers, list too long to write but oh the ideas that come to mind.

Will there be something like this with body piercings (eyebrows, nose, lip, cheek, etc.)?

I just realized that photos will suffer with this change.

Right now I greatly enjoy the way photos work... uhhh... for IC reasons that I will not reveal.

When this change is made, I can imagine their functionality will suffer, unless they find a way to transfer the stickers to the photo (wait, maybe that's the answer?) so you can "look head on photo" and see the detail of the tattoo.

Unless photos will show all the descriptors.

Then the descriptions in full will still show in the photo.

Bumping once more just to see if there has been any progress over the past year? I promise i'm not being pushy. Just very very curious.