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WJF Recon Hover-Orbs(whatever)
Mobile remote controlled cameras/recon

I was thinking, based on an article I just read (http://www.popsci.com/popsci/aviation/article/0,12543,332319,00.html) that it might be cool for WJF, or anyone for that matter, to be able to purchase from 'Nigel's Tech Wares' or somewhere equally as mom 'n pop, some sort of remote control recon device. I digress:

Say Judge Schmoe wants to check a building for a suspect who is much faster, smarter, and better armed than he.

Judge shmoe takes out his porta-hover-sphere device, and activates it. It begins to hover about.

Judge has a handheld remote, where he can look, and see what it looks like wherever the device is, and he can control the movement of the thing.

Maybe if that's too hard to code, you could just go with mini-cam's that you can plant and recover wherever you want - but unlike a security camera, you can't see it when you're in the room. That way, Judge Shmoe can just look in his monitor to check if a suspect is in a suspected location.

*Slaps Self*

Heh, sorry. Got off on a rant. Too many ideas, too few coders...:P

"Eagles may fly, but at least weasels don't get sucked into Jet engines!"

We have those, just don't take them out often. You'll see them mentioned as rACD and sACD, ACD standing for Autonomous Combat Drone.

What huh?? I wanna play with one damnit!!!

Kinda similar, but not quite does anyone remember the hovering NLM cameras?

Like last year during the 30 days of Christmas contest when one followed Gerik around. That was hilarious. Or during the public interrogation of Judge John. I'd like to see some more of that.

It could be like the "reality" based TV shows we have now all that Big Brother/Survivor/Crap and follow select individuals around.

Sindome too could be plagued with episodes of Airport, only it could be NeoTrans. *ducks as all the British players throw empty beer bottles and cans*

Just a thought.

a) what is Airport?

b) do i wanna know?

a) Airport is a shitty documentary about the brain dead morons who work in some of Britains airports.

b) Probably not, but I told you anyway.