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WWW Navbar Changed
how do I access the grid now?

I've changed the navbar that sits at the top of our website in respect to logged-in players. Where before you had direct links to the Grid and to Logout, there is now a drop-down menu, literally with your character's name on it.

Click the drop-down to see the options relevant to you. Players will see links to their profile, the grid, their bugs (coming soon) and logout. Admin have their additional links to the various tools they use.

Additionally, there is now a Lore option up there in the middle of the navbar. As you might guess, this option takes you to the wiki known as 'The Mind'. It contains all the IC 'known facts'. While the addition of the Lore option was the driving factor behind moving your options to a drop-down menu, I was already running out of space to put things and this gives us room to add a few more web features for both players and admin.

At some point, both player and admin notes will be ported over to the website. Don't worry, we intend to continue supporting working with your notes from within the game. We really appreciate how the community has taken advantage of the Player Notes System and we don't want you to stop.