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So long and thanks for all the fish.
Whatever's clever.

By now, I think it's safe to say I won't be returning to Sindome. I've kept telling myself I'd hop back on soon enough, just to see my friends again, but the time keeps slipping away from me as I get busier and busier, and more things occupy my schedule.

So with that, I felt I owed the player base an apology for taking so long to write this, a thank you for everything we've shared, and a final goodbye. I still snort from laughter thinking about many of the goofs we've had.

If anything, I wanted you all to know I poured as much as my heart into the game as I could, and I hope that carries on after me.

If any of you would like you contact me, feel free to reach out on xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kiss kiss,







This won't do at all.

Bye meme queen, good luck in your life :)

Bye, Heliodor! You're my favorite. I'll always remember what you taught me (even if I don't) <3

Rather than make a second thread, I may as well put my info here as well. Sindome was fun, I got to contribute to a creative game for a year and change and then peaced out when it was time to move on.

Don't: contact me if you want to complain about Sindome, I don't care.

Do: contact me if you want to holler about dril, good movies, tasty recipes, music, cat pictures, the dadcore aesthetic.

I'm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.


Take care you two and I like the book reference in the title.

Take care y'all, loved all the RP :)

I understand this. Barely survived this myself. Will miss you, that one time in that room gave me inspiration. Not like what you dirty minds think hehe.

Also my post was responding to Caffeine. As always, the rest of you can fuck off, heh. With my love. :P

Fuck off noted. :)


Thanks so much for all the fun, it's not a stretch to say you two made my first year for me. D&H forever yo.

Wish we could have RPed more Cayce. That one time in that room was magical. :^) You know. You know the time.

You know.

Damn, sorry to see you both go. We’ll miss the writing, the conflict and the style.

I’ll always have my “caff’s bored on SIC” log to laugh about.

- Dorothy

You will both be missed.

They always come back...see you soon...

I will miss you like cocaine, Heliodor.

You'll forever be remembered, thanks for the amazing experiences. <3

Ah...a waste. I was hoping to RP with you more, especially now. Good luck in your endeavours.

-your favourite sycophant ;)

When i first met you and your character, i knew we'd get in all sorts of adventures together and i wasn't wrong. Every time i think of you and your character nowadays, i choke up for knowing i'll never see you again.

See you space cowboy, where ever you are.

So, it's been an incredible five months. I too am leaving just as we come into a new year. Some of you I've briefly met, and others I have spent dozens or hundreds of hours with. Withmore feels like a familiar, if uncomfortable place, and I'll remember my stay here well. I'll also say with confidence that I'm going to miss most of you, even if it did result in many sleep-deprived nights. I'm going to be taking off in a few days, so I'll be making the best of my time that I can. On the off chance you'd like to keep in touch with me, I can be contacted via xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Keep fostering an amazing, immersive and utterly unfair RP experience. You all deserve it.


I'm basically mirroring the previous post word for word though my stint may run a week longer depending on life.




I'm not leaving at all, but here's my xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Let's talk about pets, sunsets and long walks on the beach.


Kristin, Kidd, Rock, others

I, too, am gone

hmu Mephi

Oh, hey! I'm jumpin' ship, too!

(basically whatever was said above + SECRET ending)

-Ryukah 'Michaelis' Valentin




thanks for enjoying my show and art

litso dimulya, creator of Purity



Okay seriously people.

1. Stop leaving. You are loved even if we're dicks.

2. Stop sharing contact info. You may want to come back later, except you won't be able to because you'll get banned. Plus, you might accidentally slip IC info to someone who's still playing.

this game is just tiring. all the people i enjoyed IC left probably for the same reasons i am. i thought after a brief break id feel better but i don't.

good luck charlie

Gonna chime in here:

1. Please don't make fun of the people leaving. It IS a dick move. I don't care if you're staff, it's a bad look. Community harm and all that, please stop. We hope that whoever goes will maybe one day come back and play some more.

2. Maybe an exit survey at this point is necessary to help figure out if there's a way to improve what's amiss.

There's only 2 people leaving, 2 that left months ago and a lot of trolls. There's no need for an exit survey over 2 people leaving when we're steadily growing at a much faster pace. Sindome has been around for 21 years and it fits a specific niche that not everyone will be into or has to be into. Please don't speak for staff.

But is it really helpful to act like this? Really?

Like what? Encouraging people not to share their Discord?

There are people who can handle theme and play, and then there are the people who can't and decide that since they can't handle it, it'll be fine to break the rules and share info. In a few months, there will be one of those threads revealing all the admin alts and blaming one admin or another for their failed character progression. A thread will pop up on a different forum with an IC info dump. Someone will come back here speaking as 'we' because they've developed a circle of ex and some current players to speak about how terribly they were treated. Meanwhile, many older players will just be sitting here like, "Not this again."

The people who are leaving and sharing contact info should stay gone. Exit survey not required.


I agree with Supermarket on this one. As a community, we were -supposed- to be a family, or am I wrong? I don't understand this OOC hate towards people who're leaving because they saw issues in the game - even if it's just two players or fifteen. Someone who has qualms about the game shouldn't just be disregarded because "the game is growing anyway" - it's, in my opinion, unprofessional.

Maybe a CCC thread wouldn't be bad. It's not up to me, but I believe complaints and issues should be addressed - even if they're unfounded and wrong, it should absolutely be responded to because ignoring player's complaints isn't the correct thing to do.

This is just my own opinion and take it as you will; I doubt it'll lead to anything, but I still think treating leaving players as shitbags because they shared their Discord names is very, very childish and immature.

Players can leave if they want. Nobody is treating anybody like shitbags, I literally can't see anything offensive in this thread. What I can see is a group of people deliberately throwing away their contact details. Sindome is a family in the sense that we're here for Competitive Cooperation (help each other OOCly to have IC rivalries), NOT that you should generally carry your IC relationships to the real world. If you think this isn't going to end up in people adding each other and talking their spites about Sindome, maybe you're just too new to know it has happened in the past.

I'll just leave it here.

It could have happened in the past. I'm not saying that it's the right thing to do to put their Discord names, but I can tell why some of them might be offended - and I'm not the only one that thinks the attitude isn't exactly friendly here.

If they're leaving, let them be. Don't make fun, get staff to remove their Discord names and that's it. You don't have to add gasoline to the fire by generally trying to making fun of them or acting passive-aggressive.

I really think a simple 'thanks for all your contributions' and alerting the staff that Discord names are being posted on the BGBB to get them to edit and remove the names would've been enough. Maybe I'm just too new, then.

I don't think admin or anyone else have a problem with players sharing grievances in a civil way through appropriate channels (this thread not being one of them, and thankfully I don't see most people really doing that).

I think the sharing of any OOC contact info is justifiably shit on because it has an extensively bad history. Some of us have watched people 'leave the game forever' with the very serious intentions of never coming back, and genuinely not touch the game again for months or even years, and feel it's okay to reach out and form OOC friendships with former and current players only to come back later (or just sit away from the game and share info consciously or otherwise) and just taint the water.

The juju is just bad. It's the legit Dark Side, everyone thinks they're above it, they're the ones who Would Totally Never Do it, then they're chatting away on AIM or Discord or whatever for weeks about IRL nonsense and then one day innocent talk drifts vaguely into 'so OMG you don't play anymore it's totally fine if I share this' but then that person comes back later or blah blah blah blah. It's a sick cycle and the vets have seen it play out dozens of times, so yeah, we're cynical, and we're the ones left to deal with the wreckage afterward after screaming at everyone that it's a bad idea.

No one is being treated like shit for leaving. They are being joked about for breaking rules that allows for OOC collusion and meta info sharing.

If the thing you have in common is SD, what do you think people talk about when they connect outside of SD? SD. And, I'm entirely certain that these player complaints have been noted as they've most likely complained to admin at one time or another. They didn't feel like the game was bending to their satisfaction. They left. Or, they were told to leave.

This isn't about complaints not being heard this is about not sharing IC info. When you're around long enough to see what happens when people do this, you'll understand.

Adding that, Staff doesn't generally edit the forum because it's extremely difficult as they've mentioned in the past.

I understand the frustration, where it comes from - I understand that things like this have happened in the past and that it might have ruined things for the playerbase because IC info was shared OOCly. However, what's done is done. Do we really need to spite them, though? It's justified, I get it, but can't we just hold our feelings back for once and let staff make a comment instead of hopping on the train and repeating one of;

1-) this is against the rules

2-) this has happened in the past and is a bad thing

3-) this ruins roleplay

I'm pretty sure the players knew it was breaking the rules, and even in this thread they were reminded. I really don't see the point in breaking a dead horse if others just hop on for the ride to get their bite out of it and post the same thing just worded differently. It's unnecessary and creates more drama than it's needed.

Beating a dead horse, I apologize.

Adding on, if the forum can't be edited, then I didn't know about that and it's my fault.

I'm sure an official comment, or if it's indeed very harmful, even a post removal and then re-posting without the Discord names would work.

Actually, what it reminds people is that the true community of SD doesn't approve of this sort of rule breaking in any way whatsoever. Anyone new coming here can see the disapproval now that wasn't shown above. That's the point of all of the veteran players being pissy out loud.

Actually, what it reminds people is that the true community of SD doesn't approve of this sort of rule breaking in any way whatsoever. Anyone new coming here can see the disapproval now that wasn't shown above. That's the point of all of the veteran players being pissy out loud.

Please don't argue with the veterans and admins alike who have witnessed the damage OOC communication outside of the MOO has caused. As mentioned, there is no reason to be talking outside of SD to update players about your life or how your day played out. There is hundreds of random people you can do that with out there instead.

You say we should let it be and have faith and trust it won't happen again when IC info has already been shared on this same thread by the players who quit who are by now probably recalling fond RP memories and breaking the rules. No thanks.

Lol, what even is this? I don't see any "hateful" comments.

I don't think I've ever said that, SmexyCucumber. I've stated that it is indeed against the rules and that it should've caused damage - however I don't believe I ever said we should just let it be? I believe if you look a few posts up, you'll see that I've mentioned removing Discord names.

I'm not saying it's not a rule break, or that it shouldn't go un-noticed. I'm saying that we don't have to keep repeating that it's a rule break when it's constantly reminded, just like in the screenshot villa posted. The players knew what they were doing. It's not like they didn't know it was breaking the rules. Instead of mobbing them and stating the obvious, I'm saying we should let it be, not create any further drama and allow Senior staff to make a comment regarding the breach of rules.

I get that you want to show the newbies that it's disapproved of, but this can go both ways - you can state your disapproval in a diplomatic way, too. Your frustration causes this, I get it, but I don't believe we need to act aggressive.

That's as diplomatic as I get. Don't break rules, if you do, don't come back.

I just feel bad that people are hijacking Heliodor's goodbye thread with this.

In my opinion, a simple, "Please don't share IC info. This is why." would've sufficed, but I do agree with Ranger and Supermarket on this. I feel as if there's a passive aggressive attitude going on and while I understand that sharing OOC information is frowned upon, one reminder without the attitude and ending the discussion there would've been perfectly well. It takes out the negative tension hanging around and all this unnecessary discussion/posts afterwards.

I don't see anything in this thread that seems remotely offensive imo. Mephisto made a joke. If anything it's kinda rude to turn someone's goobye thread into a giant argument.

The reason there is such a negative attitude toward sharing OOC contact details is that it has consistently and unfailingly, again and again, ruined the game for players and admins alike and totally destroyed the atmosphere and the fun of the unknown. On top of that, players take the one half of a situation they witnessed, misunderstood, then blew out of proportion because of their incomplete understanding of the game and what goes on behind the scenes. More than one email accusing admin alts of having "infinite UE" corroborates this, among other things.

But it will take me longer to learn the proper programming languages to help Johnny implement forum moderation than it will for this thread and its posters to tucker themselves out so, fine, whatever, go ahead. Share your contact details. We'll eventually find out about the IC info you're sharing and we'll ban you for it and you will have no-one to blame but yourself and we'll be back here again with another goodbye thread full of unnecessary drama, but by then, I hope we'll have moderation tools.


See, that's fine. It's acceptable - but implying they left because they couldn't handle the theme and play to it is just wrong. They don't have to leave because an "admin alt stopped their character progression", or because they were terribly treated. There's not a single, omnipresent reason for leaving. They might've left because they just don't have fun anymore. They might've burnt out. It's not right to generalize them into one group of "players who can't handle the game and break rules".

That's all I have to say, really. I just think this could've gone better.

Stop. Posting. OOC. Contact info.

I am extremely disappointed in the former admin who started this thread in the first place and everyone who followed by posting their info.

I love the smell of salt in the morning.

Supermarket, I think you're totally amazing by the way, but understand that just because a few people leave, even really talented writers (not to mention artists) like Neekly, it doesn't mean that there's something amiss. Not everyone is going to enjoy the theme of the game once they drill down on it.

Sindome's a game of hard choices. Achieving IC success, whether it's monetary or otherwise, often involves sacrifices that aren't apparent. To me, that's all themely. People reach the top only to find they have a bad taste in their mouths, they find safety and security in a police state only to realize they're missing something human.

It takes time playing and exploring the game's contours to get that, I think. If things seem shockingly violent and hopeless for Mixers, or empty and soulless for corpies, that's how it's supposed to be. The world's a horrible place full of deception, self or otherwise, and stories don't usually have happy or even satisfying endings. That's all the theme, and I think it takes time to adjust to.

Oofa doofa, this is a lot to come back to.

I'd like to apologize for sparking this whole mess. It was only my intention to reconnect with people I'd come to appreciate during my time on Sindome, and to find some sense of closure for a very important part of my life.

That being said, I'd like to bookend this by reiterating my only wishes from the original post that this thread has entirely deviated from. That you approach one another with respect and kindness, and make sure the game continues on a strong vein of passion for one another.

Give the contents of your heart, not the contents of your colon.

i wish you hadnt

Personally, I'm glad I got to say goodbye.

I'm going too. Maybe for a little bit. Maybe for a lot a bit. Wowie who knows!

You all know who I played!

Godbless you, my chums.

Had fun on here for a bit, but it's not too much fun for me anymore for one reason or another. Going to be calling it quits. It was fun RPing with you all!

--Eddy 'Fucking' Faus.

Nooo! I hope you have fun whereever you land and come back one day, I loved RPing with you!