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Why bug fixes take time.

You get out your wobbly.
You throw your wobbly at Rastus.
Rastus eyes his surroundings warily.
Rastus reaches out, grabbing at the wobbly as it nears him, only to have it slip through his fingers.
Rastus eyes his surroundings warily.
The wobbly bounces off Rastus and falls to the ground.
Rastus picks up the wobbly.
Rastus wears his wobbly.
Rastus removes his wobbly.
Rastus gets out his wobbly.
Rastus throws his wobbly at Guardian.
You reach out and grab a wobbly out of the air just as it nears you.
Rastus hauls himself out of the dumpster.

I believe we've thoroughly tested the in-dumpster wobbly throwing code... it's ready for the players to start using. Have at it, folks. Report bugs pls.