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Bladerunner PC game
You tube upload of the CP game

Okay, for those interested about getting more visuals for CP & Bladerunner, Johnny shared this in OOC lounge early this week and I've watched it here and there. It's a nice visual of CP and for Bladerunner the old PC game.

It's an investigative game, like Myst and like the Bladerunner movie, so be patient but come ~38 minutes in, you've seen several spots of a CP city and all the rain. Then you get to hear about a cop laughing about some punks mouthing off and what the cop in Vice at the time did. It's a good example of messed up shit.

May not be all of your thing, but it gives you another visual to draw you in. (And all the ambient ads and news and all the rain.) There are multiple parts you can skim through but I'm including Part 1 here.

Part 1: https://youtu.be/JHkAZlq4HBs