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Connect to Sindome @ moo.sindome.org:5555 or just Play Now

Help for 'chat-ooc'

OOC-Chat   - Come here to chit chat with other players. This channel is for
             all out of game topics. Nothing about the in game world is to
             be discussed here. The exception to this is any help with
             commands or in game functions. However the Game-Help channel
             remains a better option due to lack of potential spam and it
             being overall moderated much more so than the OOC-Chat channel.

@xcon     - Listen and talk to your primary channel
   xm        - Say something
   xmo     - Emote something (help emote)
   xto - Say something to someone on a channel
   xsocials         - Available channel socials
   xthink    - Think in your channel.
   @xalias - Use the alias on anonymous channels. (OOC-Chat)

@xlisten - Listen to a second channel:
   xooc     - Talk on the OOC-Chat channel

@xonly     - Quit all channels except .
@xsilence - Leave a channel
@xsw*itch - Change your primary channel to perform actions on it.
@xdiscon*nect       - Quit listening to all channels.

NOTE: You can only emote and use socials on your primary channel.
Connection Info

HOST: moo.sindome.org

PORT: 5555

Video: Initial Signup

Walk through signing up for Sindome and getting started with your first character!

Video: IC vs OOC

Learn what IC and OOC mean, how they effect you, rules you should be aware of, and more commands you should know.