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Help for 'rape'


Rape is a touchy subject. While Sindome is a gritty and dark world where all manner of things happen, it is also a community that has a varied group of people that are a part of it. It's impossible to know what will or will not trigger someone OOCly (in real life). There are few subjects that are strictly forbidden In Character, rape is one of them. While everyone involved in the roleplay may have consented to the scene, that doesn't mean the ramifications of the RP will not be felt or exposed to those that did not agree to the RP.

There is just a fuck ton of other shit you can RP about, don't fucking RP rape. Don't consent to that shit, don't ask for others to, just stay away from it.

There are veiled suggestions that alude to rape in some room descriptions (especially on Red). This is because the IC world is a horrible place, where horrible things happen. That does not mean that actively engaging in this type of roleplay is acceptable. It is not.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please use xhelp to speak with an admin directly.

help sex
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