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DJ scripts, mixes, MCs...

Has anyone written anything like a DJ mix set? Say the script involves a DJ stepping up to the decks at the club or spot whatever, maybe even an MC joining him/her. The script could just involve periodic descriptions of the set being played... like it starts off,

"A series of vocal samples in a variety of languages cut in and out over a synthesized old-fashioned 'analogue' break beat."

"A rolling, warped bass line starts up along with the distant sound of wailing sirens, looped pieces of words, and cutting through it all a vibrating, sentimental female voice. As the cut up words fade the female voice fades away soon after in a long echo..."

"Suddenly a deafening 808 kick drum sounds followed by a cacophony of snares and a patchwork of crashing cymbals as the 175 bpm drum loop drops, the warped bass line shifting into a melodic and haunting pattern that vibrates your bones."

What do you think? Is it worth persuing? The set descriptions could kind of follow an actual set, with intro .. build up.. climax.. melow down.. second climax.. outro, whatever..

(Edited by BuddhaBrand at 1:38 pm on April 29, 2005)

My exp with that is that a character ICly does his own sets, kinda like with strippers.. but stripper scripts are welcome becuase of private showings.. but i dont know about a DJ thing, unless there was a speficic concert or something to further the music Theme.

Yeah, each set would be different so maybe making a script out of it doesn't make sense.. but say you have this club that's open 24/7. There's music playing the whole time. you have DJs on rotation the whole night long.. maybe if I tried making a script that would actually 'mix' songs heheh. Like say 'new mixes' could be pieced together randomly from a variety of different patterns that each drew from 'songs'.. ya know, so nearly each mix would be different and it could be added to.

So there'd be a bunch of 'intro sequences' depending on the type of music, the DJ, whatever.. a bunch of filler songs, bunch of climax songs, and these would all be taken at random based on what kind of set the DJ was mixing. Waddya think?