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Adding 'feedlist' to hubs.
My bedroom is forever 'The Dicking Zone'

As it is, you can change the alias of cameras on hubs to anything you really please, the problem is if you want to change it to anything else after that you simply can't without the number code of the camera. There is nothing in-game currently to find out what the true alias is if you forget it.

A solution to this would be an added command for hubs that is 'feedlist', it will show the information about connected cameras and their current and true number alias side by side, making changing aliases after the fact not near impossible.

Another thing that would be helpful is adding what valias exactly does to 'help hub', but that is only a side note really.

(say +1 only with nothing else and I steal your left kneecap)

Even simpler, it might be possible to use the existing 'input' command on hubs, adding a feed number (e.g. [1] security camera #11111 at Secret Lair) to the listing. This number wouldn't change even if the device was valiased, so it'd be straightforward to change it again later.
Rhicora makes an even easier solution, indeed. I don't mind that at all if it was just listed on inputs if a new command might be too heavy.
Yes. Good idea. Implemented.