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So long and thanks for all the fish.
Good bye.

So I've not been around recently...

In short I've decided to bring an end to my playing SD. I've had some fun and enjoyed interacting with most of you lovely people. However after feeling a little burnt out playing i decided to take a break,

That break lasted longer than i intended and i realized that actually i had not missed SD as much as i assumed i would.

This is no slight on anyone or the game or community. This is not a complain post or a "he said" / "she did" sort of whinge. Its just a good bye.

My reasons are simple and thus : After a 18 months + of playing i realized ( and was informed) that i hadn't really accomplished anything in game. I thought i was playing ok, tried to remain in character and had some ok ideas, both large and small but i just never seemed to make any progress with any of them and ended up feeling like i was put more in than i was getting out of it.

I took a break as i was feeling more and more frustrated , hearing about all the fun and RP that others seemed to be able to get into but no matter how hard i tried or jumped into whatever scraps of RP that i could find i just wasn't getting anywhere and was just going through the motions.

This i maintain must be due to my own play style and assumptions / limitations that i placed on myself about how i should play in character, as others seems to be able to achieve a lot more in less time.

Rather than be disruptive or turn negative id like to leave now and wish everyone I interacted with all the best. .

Therefore id like to wish a Good luck to you all, (especially those of you i interacted the most with in a more challenging timezone) Thanks for the good times.

All the best.


Best of luck for the future. Hopefully at some point in the future you'll get a fire for the game again. I hope to see you back at some point.



Hey mute, honestly I barely interacted with you ICly (I think) but I could tell that you were a dedicated player from your constant OOC support for the game. I feel a bit bad for achiever types, because part of SD's gameplay in my experience is the never ending struggle to get what you want and then keep it (the awesomesauces comes from the ride and not the destination).

I am sure that you've accomplish a lot more than you realize you have, influencing other players and the game world (maybe just not in ways that you set yourself to achieve). Also building up something lasting in-game is probably one of the most challenging goals that you can shoot for, but I don't think it is impossible.

I am sorry to see you go, I am only 150 days into the SD experience but if I were you I would take a character vacation (you qualify for it, congrats) and make a completely different character to gain some new insight from another perspective of the game. Or if you want to take a permanent break from playing but still have love for the game, maybe apply to become a staffer and contribute to the game in another way.

But if you really want to quit, then I wish you godspeed and if you ever decide to comeback I am sure SD will be waiting for you unless Skynet finally takes over the world. In the latter case, I for one welcome our new computer overlords!

Hey Wintermute. You'll be missed.

Walk those streets safely!