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Clone your cat? You can now.
From the Best-Name-Ever department.

Genetic Savings and Clone (I'm soooo disapointed that we didn't think of that name first...) now offers, for a paltry $50,000, the ability to clone your cat.

No joke.

Of course they can't actually replace it's memories yet. But if you have an especially cool and well dispositioned cat (like I do) this offers you the chance to keep it 'in your life' forever (or as long as you can afford it).


I have two cats that are one year apart on age, and they were taken out of the streets.

Don't clone, adopt.


But I had a dog I would like to  clone... He was smart as hell and a good companion... :(

I have like a million cats  and I couldnt imagine spending that muh to clone them, I like them all in there own way but like xee said I would adopt and take the ones already on the streets and  make them house cats.  Besides that movie were they find a way to clone a kid after he dies, they do and he is like super evil comes to mind. Along with pet cemetary.

Dont mess with life, me thinks.