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TERRA v1.0

Private security companies replacing the police force in Detroit

Holy fuck it always starts in Texas in Cyberpunk things too.

Like Shadowruns equivalent is from either Dallas or San Antonio IIRC.

Wasn't the original RoboCop set in Detroit?

I'm fucking high. I thought it was Dallas. Not Detroit.

I'm fucking high. I thought it was Dallas. Not Detroit.

Dallas ... Detroit ... Dover, whatever it takes ... ;)

That's right, the original Robocop was set in Detroit as well.

I was thinking about that. You know Detroit City Hall has to wince every time the media reminds people that Detroit is one of the most violent and dangerous cities in America.

Objectively as things stand these guys are just mall cops so long as they lack recognised enforcement powers. The only cyberpunk thing about the groups themselves is their potential to provide protection for the "haves" whilst leaving the "have nots" to the dogs.

Where things get interesting is when you look into why it is they are becoming necessary and start speculating as to whether or not it is a trend that will continue. These private security firms are necessary on the streets due to failings of the city/state to provide a necessary service and are stepping in to fill that void. If the trend is extrapolated and state police continue to struggle then there is a genuine chance these private entities will become the de-facto police, a corporate police force for hire.