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Help for 'cyberware'

Cyberware is technology that creates a working interface between machines/computers and the human nervous system, including the brain. They are surgically installed on the recipient.

Examples of cyberware cover a wide range, but current research tends to approach the field from one of two different angles: interfaces or prosthetics.

The most basic interface is the neural processor which enables the use of other cyberware, but other examples such as video transcoder chips allowing the neural processor to connect the brain to a video/audio feed also exist.

Prosthetics can be replacements for existing parts of the body such as the eyes, internal ears or other organs which can be upgraded with modules granting the user new abilities. They can also be extensions of existing systems, such as an adrenal reserve that can be triggered at will or fingerblades that can be extended or retracted with a flick of a wrist.

For a list of commonly available cybernetics and their uses, ask your local cyberneticist or go to this link for common knowledge on cybernetics:
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