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Help for 'history-method'

People often get stuck writing histories. They just stare at the page with the character's birthdate and don't know where to go from there.

Guardian suggests an alternative method - start from how you want your character to be and work your way back.

The 'Why? x3' method is a simple methodology for quickly writing a coherent, logical and themely history that fits in with your characters looks, stats and behaviour. You essentially build your character backwards - rather than start with his history and select his skills, stats, mannerisms and description based on it, you rather create your character as you want them to be and build your history starting from this point and towards the past.

For example, you may decide your character has a jagged scar across the bridge of her nose. This is where the method begins to work.

Why does she have this scar? Because she got into a knife fight when she was 17.

Why? Because a local gang was harassing her.

Why? Because her father is a cop.

Boom! Look at that! A huge chunk of your characters history taken care of, and a justification for taking short_blade (if she won the fight) or at least dodge. Perhaps drop some points into Endurance if she was left for dead in the gutter. All that from an element in your description!

Now lets try it with a skill. You give your character the pistol skill.

Why? Because she purchased a handgun to protect herself, in her home town.

Why? Because she was afraid of being assaulted.

Why? Because her best friend was raped and your character refuses to become another victim.

Now, not only do we have a big history chunk, a justification for your pistol skill but we also have established part of your character's attitude - she's tough, at least mentally and shes willful, and she won't let anyone hurt her as her friend was hurt. Not too bad for two minutes' thinking.

That's all there is to it - pick a few more traits and do it again, then duct tape the whole thing together and you're done.

Don't forget to include one of the most important elements for a Sindome character: being in Withmore.

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