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Help for 'manipulation'

Objects usually have verbs defined on them that allow players to manipulate and use them in various ways. Standard ones are:

get -- pick an object up and place it in your inventory
drop -- remove an object from your inventory and place it in the room
put -- take an object from your inventory and place it in a container
give -- hand an object to some other player
look -- see what an object looks like

You can see what objects you're carrying with the 'inventory' command; see 'help inventory' for details.

Some specialized objects will have other commands. The programmer of the object will usually provide some way for you to find out what the commands are. One way that works for most objects is the 'examine' command; see 'help examine' for details.

The following specialized objects have help entries you should consult:

notes -- objects that allow text to be written on them and read later
letters -- notes that a recipient can burn after reading
containers -- objects that may contain other objects
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Video: IC vs OOC

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