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Help for 'terminal'

The Grid

The terminals found throughout the city are all connected to the Withmore Public Gridworks. Withmore City contracted out to New Light Media for the terminals, as NLM seems to think it can control all the city's media. The terminals are fairly secure, being able to access data based on username/password authentication. All terminals connected to the WPG 'the GRID' can be accessed from remote places with the proper password. The amount of data a terminal can hold is based on the data value of the bitcard it has sloted. Terminal activity is monitorable and logable by NLM datatechs. Terminal activity can be masked by persons who tamper with them, but warning labels on the units clearly states that this is a volation of the Withmore Code of Martial Justice (WCMJ). Tracing devices can be added by authorized NLM dealers, but like illegal crackers are going to buy a term from a known bugger.
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PORT: 5555

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