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<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <paraminfo xml:space="preserve">Unrecognized value for parameter 'querymodules': allpages%7Csiteinfo</paraminfo>
      <module classname="ApiParse" description="Parses wikitext and returns parser output&#10;See the various prop-Modules of action=query to get information from the current version of a page" examples="api.php?action=parse&amp;text={{Project:Sandbox}}" version="ApiParse: $Id$" prefix="" readrights="" name="parse">
          <example xml:space="preserve">api.php?action=parse&amp;text={{Project:Sandbox}}</example>
          <param name="title" description="Title of page the text belongs to" default="API" type="string" />
          <param name="text" description="Wikitext to parse" type="string" />
          <param name="summary" description="Summary to parse" type="string" />
          <param name="page" description="Parse the content of this page. Cannot be used together with text and title" type="string" />
          <param name="pageid" description="Parse the content of this page. Overrides page" type="integer" />
          <param name="redirects" description="If the page or the pageid parameter is set to a redirect, resolve it" default="false" type="boolean" />
          <param name="oldid" description="Parse the content of this revision. Overrides page and pageid" type="integer" />
          <param name="prop" description="Which pieces of information to get&#10; text           - Gives the parsed text of the wikitext&#10; langlinks      - Gives the language links in the parsed wikitext&#10; categories     - Gives the categories in the parsed wikitext&#10; categorieshtml - Gives the HTML version of the categories&#10; languageshtml  - Gives the HTML version of the language links&#10; links          - Gives the internal links in the parsed wikitext&#10; templates      - Gives the templates in the parsed wikitext&#10; images         - Gives the images in the parsed wikitext&#10; externallinks  - Gives the external links in the parsed wikitext&#10; sections       - Gives the sections in the parsed wikitext&#10; revid          - Adds the revision ID of the parsed page&#10; displaytitle   - Adds the title of the parsed wikitext&#10; headitems      - Gives items to put in the &lt;head&gt; of the page&#10; headhtml       - Gives parsed &lt;head&gt; of the page&#10; iwlinks        - Gives interwiki links in the parsed wikitext&#10; wikitext       - Gives the original wikitext that was parsed&#10; properties     - Gives various properties defined in the parsed wikitext" default="text|langlinks|categories|links|templates|images|externallinks|sections|revid|displaytitle|iwlinks|properties" multi="" limit="50" lowlimit="50" highlimit="500">
          <param name="pst" description="Do a pre-save transform on the input before parsing it&#10;Ignored if page, pageid or oldid is used" default="false" type="boolean" />
          <param name="onlypst" description="Do a pre-save transform (PST) on the input, but don&#039;t parse it&#10;Returns the same wikitext, after a PST has been applied. Ignored if page, pageid or oldid is used" default="false" type="boolean" />
          <param name="uselang" description="Which language to parse the request in" type="string" />
          <param name="section" description="Only retrieve the content of this section number" type="string" />
          <param name="disablepp" description="Disable the PP Report from the parser output" default="false" type="boolean" />
          <param name="generatexml" description="Generate XML parse tree" default="false" type="boolean" />
          <error code="readapidenied" info="You need read permission to use this module" />
          <error code="params" info="The page parameter cannot be used together with the text and title parameters" />
          <error code="params" info="The text parameter should be passed with the title parameter. Should you be using the &quot;page&quot; parameter instead?" />
          <error code="missingrev" info="There is no revision ID oldid" />
          <error code="permissiondenied" info="You don&#039;t have permission to view deleted revisions" />
          <error code="missingtitle" info="The page you specified doesn&#039;t exist" />
          <error code="nosuchsection" info="There is no section sectionnumber in page" />
          <error code="nosuchpageid" info="There is no page with ID $1" />
          <error code="invalidtitle" info="Bad title &quot;title&quot;" />
    <querymodules />