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Free Cyberpunk Roleplaying

Sindome is an online text-based Cyberpunk Role Playing game inspired by Neuromancer, Judge Dredd and more. You play online in real-time with other people. You'll develop a unique character with a past, thoughts, dreams, and secrets. Because roleplaying is required, there is an expectation that your character will have reasons for their actions. We've gone beyond your typical roleplaying text game. You don't decide your character's success or failure, the game does. Most everything you do will depend on the stats and skills your character possesses. This includes understanding languages, perception, combat, and a vast array of other things you can do.

Welcome to Withmore City!

The corporations have grown larger than the countries they were once entities of, their wealth and power allowing them to build a refuge away from the chaos that has befallen the globe. Once invested in their failed salvation, Withmore City was born out of their necessity to turn a profit. The blood, sweat and very lives of the first citizens a testament to the inequality that has existed since it's birth, the city teems with the overflowing masses of corporate drones and ramshackle destitute. With the law empowering it's patrolmen to be judge, jury and executioner, the haves have a distinct advantage over the population that is forbidden from owning fire-arms themselves. The world progresses inexorably forward in 2103.
shouted by a mixer, taunting a street judge


You can be a criminal, a ripper doc, a corpie, a law enforcement officer, a fixer, a drunk a drug addict and anything else you can possibly come up with. Your character can grow, make friends, and become as real as any game will let you. If you're having some trouble thinking of a character idea you'd like to start out with, take a look at some of the ideas we've come up with over the years.


Sindome draws inspiration largely from some of the best science-fiction works of the past 30 years. Bladerunner, Neuromancer, Judge Dredd, Total Recall, Snow Crash, Fallout and more. If you are interested in these kinds of books, movies or games, then you should check out Sindome.
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PORT: 5555

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