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Bubble Gum Bitch Board

Banter (open discussion)

Anything Really
An open forum for anything and anyone
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Sindome M E M E S II
OOC discussion of all things pertaining to the IC world
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mood music?
Cyberpunk Culture
All things dark and cyber ... chummer.
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Glitch Logs
21st Century technology has us closer to a Sindome-like world then you think.
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3d printed house for cheap.

Bitches (game discussion)

Connection Trouble
General Help with connecting to the game from various client programs like Atlantis, VMoo, etc
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Porting issues to 5555
Share your thoughts on how to improve the game
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More info on 'inspect'ing a weapon
Game Problems & Complaints
What needs work in the game?
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"If you do this I will leave the city."
Website Problems & Announcements
Topics related to things on and available from the website
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Privacy Policy
New Game Features & Bug Fixes
Release notes for new features and bug fixes.
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Cybernetics Clinic Improvements

Bullshit (game development)

Script Development
Type 'help scripting' for access info
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Some questions about the tutorials