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Violent engagements break out on Gold

Attack on Eternalist chapel turns into sector-wide skirmish

by Hellcat, Withmore Globe Editor

Chaos erupted in the streets of Gold in the late hours of Wednesday evening as what was supposed to be a simple Eternalist prayer meeting at the Clone Angels chapel on New Light Avenue was interrupted by a sudden attack. Eyewitness reports paint a picture of a gathered congregation on the evening of the August 16th suddenly ducking for cover as fragmentation grenades were thrown into the Eternalist chapel by an unknown assailant. Read More

First responders caught the attacker as he was fleeing for the express tubes, and the first of many engagements broke out over the sector as Street Judges arrived on the scene.

As the engagement progressed across the sector, it became clear it was not a solo venture by the latest in a line of katana-wielding terrorists, with unfortunately familiar faces revealing themselves. Reliable sources were able to identify the pickaxe-wielding assailant as a man once involved with the now-defunct Red Liberation Front that was eradicated by the Withmore Justice Force last July. Also spotted was a highly-skilled marksman who was involved in the aforementioned group's terrorist attack against ViriiSoma near the end of last May.

As the attackers were put on the defensive by the escalating response of combined WJF and various corporate security teams, a number of bombs went off across the sector, likely a distraction to allow the attackers to make good on their escape attempts. Despite the damage done to Gold sector businesses and numerous casualties, no organization has stepped up to claim responsibility for the attack. Speculation on the reason for the attack is abundant, with leading theories being opportunistic mercenaries taking advantage of the upswing of anti-corporate sentiment brought on by vocal criminals, or a sudden resurgence of anti-Eternalist elements from the Mix.

Small-time criminals also made an appearance, clearly trying to ride the coattails of the unfortunately capable attackers. Symian Lorenz, the former Skyfox pilot turned loud-mouth murder-idiot, happened across a gravely injured Judge in the streets and reportedly snapped his neck. Street Judges were quick to respond, catching him red-handed with WJF equipment at the Hab-X. According to an announcement from Judge Steele on the public SIC, Lorenz was fitted with a behavior modification chip, an implant meant to help citizens with problematic tendencies in behavior and action to live an honest, productive life. This, more than anything, serves as an example of the Withmore Justice Force's mercy towards those who are simply misguided and require a slight course-correction to better their lives.

Despite everything, it's back to business as usual for the hard-working citizens of Withmore. Fire crews and WCS workers worked through the late hours of the night to clear rubble and repair damages, and as expected, the corporate sector continues undeterred by acts of cowardly violence. Withmore cannot and will not be stopped.

(Edited by NewsDesk at 12:02 pm on Aug. 17, 2102)

SAFE fleet unresponsive several days after departure

Possible trouble in deep space mission to relocate asteroid

In the quiet hours before the Skywatch Asteroid Fleet Endeavor (SAFE) began its historic task to wrest the stars from the sky, the eponymous fleet stopped responding to hails.

Confusion filled the air at the Skywatch HQ, leaving many questions unanswered. Communications were flying back and forth between Skywatch and SHI, the corporation tasked with building the ships, until SHI PR Rep Mia Tanoto gave this to say:

�We at SHI have been working tirelessly since last night to ensure that this situation be resolved and the SAFE mission be carried out as quickly and efficiently as it was before. Read More

Though technical difficulties are prone to arise, our expert troubleshooters assure things will be back on track in no time.�

While Miss Tanoto�s words quelled many worries, NLM investigators found that the SAFE crew were hard-locked out of major system controls since midnight, leading many to speculate the problem is much more than it seems. Even critical override fail safes were inoperable.

Curbing Alcohol Abuse, Curving Productivity

=== Original Article === �

With alcohol abuse on an unparalleled rise, related crimes have been at an all time high according to the latest metrics provided by the Hall of Justice, while new research shows that home alcohol consumption has been correlated with a marked drop in workplace productivity. Citizens have been found struggling to control their drinking tendencies when in the privacy of their apartment, while also robbing them of the advantages and networking opportunities afforded by social drinking with their colleagues and peers.

The City Council has come to a unified conclusion to ban the sale of alcohol through private vendors and instead are opting to keep the sales exclusively through licensed establishments. Read More

This should temper and cut the stem of the problem at its root and ensure a safer, more conscientious society for all of Withmore's Citizens to flourish in.

In the meantime, if you find yourself working from home and wanting a chemical edge on the job, consider supplements such as mRc or EverUp. �

Have a productive day, Citizens.

=== Updated 08/16/02 ===

New information coming out of the corporate council and the HOJ is reshaping the conversation around the private vendor alcohol ban. Information originally coming out about the ban had the reasoning being topsider productivity at work, leading some to believe that high level corporate influences played a large part in pushing the decision through.

The new information tells a much different and more concerning story.The real source of the ban? Mixers. Not the kind you put in your alcohol to make it taste better either. The denizens of Red consume a high percentage of the alcohol sold privately in the city. They do this on the street. They do this on the mag-lev. They do this in their homes, at their jobs--for those that have one--and it spills over to the streets of Gold.

Since introducing private alcohol sales in the city a little over 5 years ago, the percentage of alcohol related incidents has risen no less than 82%.

When presented with this information the corporate council originally planned to ban the sale of alcohol only on Red--however that met the counter argument that Mixers would be pushrf to come up to Gold and Green, invading the peace and tranquility of Topside to get their disgusting hands on a bottle of alcohol they probably wouldn't be able to afford--and thus would steal. The fear of an increase in violent crimes made by violent alcohol abusing trash, pushed the vote through, with a city-wide ban.

So the next time you're sitting at home, wishing you could sip a bottle of wine with your dinner, remember who's fault it really is that you no longer can.

Garbage in, Garbage Out.

(Edited by NewsDesk at 7:12 am on Aug. 16, 2102)

(Edited by NewsDesk at 7:15 am on Aug. 16, 2102)

Underground blade tournament has Mixers scared

Has the WJF finally brought Red to heel?

In recent days rumors have been surfacing of an invite only underground blade tournament that would take place in the Mix. It is unknown who is hosting the tournament, but if reports are to be believed, several of the invitees--considered to be the toughest, most experienced fighters that Red has to offer--have declined the invitation.

Speculation from those reporting the rumors suggests that some of those that accepted the invitation considered it an opportunity to showcase their skills. Others accepted because they want to increase their 'rep' in the sector. Read More

Others because they considered it an honor to take part in a tournament which seems to have been named after the famed (now dead) Nicadeamus Fraiser, known on Red as 'The Best Blade on Fuller'.

Further speculation has led numerous people to believe that those that declined to enter the tournament are either unskilled 'posers' pretending they have more skill than they have, or that they are simply scared.

Some of the names that have surfaced of those who apparently declined to enter the tournament are reported as: Pixel, Britva and Raid.

Not exactly the household names one might expect from a tournament which features the protege of the famous mass murderer, Seven Ecks. Perhaps that is to be expected. Consider your history. The myths and legends were brash, brazen and unafraid to die. It is unknown how many times the Red Ike was killed by the WJF, but a leaked cloning report from Genetek circa 2099 quotes Seven Ecks as having cloned no less than 142 times in the decade he was most active (2089-2099).

That is a staggering amount but not surprising given some of the exploits he undertook.

This leads to an important question. Has Red finally been brought to heel by the WJF and TERRA? Are the criminals of legend--the Red Ike for example--a thing of the past? This seems to be the case. A poll of corporate citizens undertaken earlier this week revealed that 82% of citizens living on Gold Sector of above see Red denizens as pitiful and not worth fearing. We asked a random selection of citizens on Gold questions about the Mix, and the tournament.

"Scared? No, not really. I pity them. They are uneducated, they have to commit crimes just to eat. The only thing I'm afraid of is one of them touching me and getting me sick."

"Britva? Pixel? Raid? Nope. Never heard of them."

"The most famous mixer? It's gotta be the White Mamba right? I mean, I'm not scared of him. He's friends with Juicy and I'm a Juicy fan so..."

"Britva yeah, I've heard of them, they're a member of the Knife Street Serpents. I think they date the White Mamba. Maybe he should get an invite, no way he would decline."

"They can't hurt us. We have no reason to be afraid of them. They are garbage people with garbage ideals. They used to have icons, people that they rallied around. Figureheads that led the charge of their misguided ideals. They were charismatic, and dangerous. What do they have now? Who the hell is Britva? Sounds like a water purification system. And Pixel? Are you a wanna-be decker? I thought this was a sword competition. No wonder they declined to enter. And Raid? I bet he or she or they couldn't even kill a cockroach. Why would I be afraid of people who are afraid to compete in a tournament? CorpSec at every major corporation in the city hold tournaments and their employees all WANT to compete. This is why topside is objectively better than the Mix. We have better people. We aren't afraid. We take risks. What does a Mixer do on a daily basis? Get drunk and shit themselves in a dirty bathroom. Disgusting."

"Pixel yeah, that's the son of the CEO of CGH. They grew up topside from what I hear. Spoiled brat. Never heard of them being good with a blade though, maybe they got invited by mistake?"

We will continue to follow this story if it develops. It could however, be dead one the vine, like the apparent soul of Red.

Skywatch to bring asteroid into orbit

Mining to commence within the year

Scattered in orbits around the sun are bits and pieces of rock left over from the dawn of the solar system. Most of these objects, called planetoids or asteroids � meaning "star-like" � orbit between Mars and Jupiter in a grouping known as the Main Asteroid Belt.

The Main Asteroid Belt lies more than two-and-a-half times as far as Earth does from the sun. It contains billions � maybe even trillions � of asteroids. Most of these are relatively small, from the size of boulders to a few thousand feet in diameter. Read More

But some are significantly larger.

Tomorrow--August 5th 2102--The Skywatch Corporation plans to make history by latching onto one of these asteroids with a fleet of ships, and doing a gravity slingshot to bring it into near earth orbit (N.E.O) for the purposes of mining it for resources that are becoming ever scarcer here on earth.

"This operation has been years in the making." Mia Tanoto, a Skywatch PR rep told the Globe. "We've got redundancies, backup plans, and even a secondary target asteroid should there be some issue with the first asteroid."

If successful, this would be only the first in a steady stream of asteroids that Skywatch plans to park and mine from N.E.O in the near future.

"We've hired the very successful SHI corporation to handle building the ships and robots that will be hauling the asteroid. They designed ships specifically for this purpose and have done extensive testing, alongside hiring a fleet of riggers to perform the careful maneuvering into orbit. We are looking forward to seeing them in action!"

When news that the contract for supplying the ships to Skywatch would be granted to SHI last year, stock in the company jumped 12%.

(Edited by NewsDesk at 6:01 pm on Aug. 4, 2102)

(Edited by NewsDesk at 6:08 pm on Aug. 4, 2102)

Cowardly Mixer, Murdered Judge

A Mixer coward, surprising no one, makes cowardly attack

In the early afternoon on August 11th, 2102-- a Judge was murdered. The perpetrator was driving what is known as a 'garbage vehicle'. These vehicles are put together from stolen parts from corporate vehicles and property. The vehicle was spotted traveling around Gold Sector and then reportedly entered the New Light Media garage where NLM Corporate Security immediately notified the Judges. A Judge arrived on scene within moments and the vehicle fled the scene only to return a few minutes later.

The Judge ordered the vehicle to stop but the driver failed to comply. The driver then ejected a sonic grenade from the vehicle, which went off, knocking out a large crowd of people including the Judge. Read More

The driver then exited the garbage buggy, and snapped the Judge's neck while they were unconscious. They then re-entered their vehicle and fled the scene.

Another citizen, later identified by Judges--with the help of numerous brave corporate citizens--as Todd Howard, was charged with lying to a Judge and being a thief, among other things which included attempting to extort 10,000 chyen from the WJF in order to identify his partner in the buggy, going only by 'L'. The Judges refused to pay and Judge Noxin gave an impassioned speech on the SIC about the bravery of the Judges and the corporate citizens in standing up to the 'garbage person menace' of Mixers. He then tossed Citizen Howard off the Skywalk and said the now famous pro-corporate slogan: "Garbage in, Garbage out!"

Justice is served.

"Garbage Out!"

Article's discussion provokes thought riots over SIC.

Read More

by Hellcat, Withmore Globe Editor

Today saw color commentary regarding a colleague's piece on the lackluster response to an underground Red Sector blade tournament evolve into full scale thought riots over the public SIC, as corporate citizens from the bottom-rung white collar to the cream of the crop executive, banded together to express their support through a singular shared message: Garbage Out.

The tone of the riot was nothing new: mounting frustrations in response to the disappointing mentality found in what passes for a Mixer, as most - if not all - Red Sector citizens take advantage of services provided to them by the city and corporate sector while simultaneously gnashing their teeth over the corporate sector's 'oppression' of the Red Sector everyman. What little rebuttal there was came from ignorant garbage people who somehow believed that Shinohara Heavy Industries, a corporation that largely operates in robotics and heavy machinery, was dependent on a Red sector workforce at factories like the one found on Gibson. The concept of providing charity through cheap, casual labor (instead of automating everything) did not occur to them, nor did the hefty tax breaks such charity provides to a megacorp like SHI. Though not directly mentioned during the riots, this same mentality often resurfaces when referring to ACME or Withmore Wholesalers, the latter of which could be automated through use of delivery drones.

Employees of service industry corporations such as Chex Taxi found themselves caught in the verbal crossfire. Symian Lorenz, the now-former Skyfox aerocab pilot, spoke up in defense of the Red Sector, telling the vocal corporate citizens not to 'piss off the Mix' and insinuating that the outrage was the result of ulterior motives. He then went on to argue in defense of Red Sector, pulling out the same tired, hackneyed rhetoric about how 'without the Mix, you wouldn't have a city'. His argument was cut short by the implication by TERRA's commander that he had been caught mugging residents of the Red Sector, the same people he was claiming to defend. With several citizens threatening a boycott of SkyFox aerocabs as long as it employed criminals and thugs, Chex management smartly cut their losses and gave the garbage the boot. In the end, the only point Lorenz made was that there are ever fewer remaining reasons to tolerate Red Sector citizens who do not wish to better themselves.

With the slogan of 'Garbage In, Garbage Out' picking up traction, it's appears evident that the tolerance for the hypocritical Red sector citizen is reaching an all-time low. Think carefully, citizens of Red Sector. You depend on corporations for everything. You have water, power and food thanks to corporations. You have access to cloning thanks to corporations. You live because it is convenient, not because it is earned. If you don't want to be treated like garbage, don't surround yourself with garbage.


Can you write worth a damn? Do you have an inquisitive mind? Are you not stupid? If the answer to all of these is yes, the Withmore Globe might have a place for you. Gridmail a resume and a sample article to NewsDesk for review.

Red Liberation Farce: A Primer

From the Devil's Desk

There�s a lot in the way of misinformation out there when it comes to the terrorist group Red Liberation Front, a group hellbent on bringing equality for the unfortunate citizens of the Red Sector through the wholesale slaughter of innocent corporate children. With the Withmore Justice Force recently permitting the Globe to publish coverage on the recent slew of unconscionable assaults on our society by the malignant tumors amidst our populace, we here at the Globe are ready to provide you with the play by play. Read More

The facts, as they say, and nothing but.

Formerly known as the Red District Force for Equal Rights (that�s right, even terrorists rebrand these days, makes one wonder where they get their marketing strategists), the RLF had been relatively silent since the tragic events of July 11th, 2100 that claimed thousands of lives. Sure, there were murmurs, whispers in the shadows, but it was a relatively quiet year. The anniversary came and went with an intangible sigh of relief, and there was perhaps the hint of hope that 2102 would be similarly silent.

And, as you might expect, that hope was dashed against the rocks during the assault on the Hall of Justice in the late afternoon of March 18th. Red Liberation Front terrorists, having previously hijacked a military dropship and outfitted it with explosives, rammed the heavy aerodyne into the structure. Wreckage was strewn across the Skywalk, with significant casualties to the Justice Force, City employees and civilians alike. As they made good on their escape, a high profile member of the RLF known only as �Ruby� claimed responsibility for the attack on behalf of the terrorist group, claiming they would have their revenge on the entire Dome.

This would mark the start of several attacks against Withmore�s corporate sector, some more covert than others. According to sources at the Hall of Justice, it was less than a month later before there was another reported attack at Primesoft, where a shrouded woman with a katnaa cut her way into the heart of the company�s headquarters and escaped with proprietary data. The investigation has been ongoing, with the source�s theories leading to a belief that the Red Liberation Front was also responsible for the attack on the corporation. What they could have hoped to gain with this has yet to be revealed.

Another month, another attack. May saw bloodshed on a massive scale during the afternoon of the 29th, this time striking the heart of ViriiSoma�s headquarters in Withmore. Coordinated explosions ripped through the lobby, engulfing the building�s lower sections in flames. Eyewitness reports indicate that a sniper hiding on the rooftop of the ViriiSoma east tower was taking shots at fleeing employees and civilians, picking off surviving children of the school field trip that had been caught in the blast. While VS-SEC agents moved to engage the terrorist, he was able to make good on his escape during the fight.

A joint task force comprised of Justice Force personnel and ViriiSoma corporate security struck back later that evening, raiding a location suspected to be used by terrorists in their construction of ethicol timebombs. They were met with significant resistance from Red Sector gangs, but were able to easily overcome the minor obstacles and recover a significant amount of equipment used in the production of high grade explosives.

Withmore�s corporate populace barely had the chance to breathe before another strike occurred two days later in the evening of May 31st, this time targeting the normally peaceful establishment on Plessis, Grunen�s Tavern. The assembled crowd was mostly ViriiSoma, and it seems that the earlier attack that had left them reeling was simply not enough, as they found their night interrupted by a pair of shrouded figures. One waded into the crowd with her katana while the other opened fire with a high caliber sidearm, injuring many and causing limited casualties before making their escape. Of note, banished citizen Amon Janz claimed responsibility for this attack, suggesting he may have developed ties to the Red Liberation Front in the past months.

We�re sitting here at the ass end of June and wouldn�t you know it, we�re not done yet. June was also home to two attacks, one striking the exterior apron of the NeoTrans spaceport and the other a coordinated explosion that set both of Central�s mag-lev lines ablaze.

A source at NeoTrans stated that the attack on the 11th was a joint effort between the terrorist organization and a band of desert pirates. The pirates were an apparent distraction, taking occasional potshots at the reinforced glass of the NeoTrans concourse while the terrorists landed an aero on the Apron and proceeded to assault the spaceport. NeoTrans corpsec fended off the attack, killing two of the heavily armed terrorists before they called for a retreat. Although they managed to escape with one of the bodies, they were chased off before they could come back for the other, and the remaining corpse was identified as that of Ruby, confirming the RLF�s involvement in the attack. No significant damage was suffered as a result of the attack, and operations were back to normal at the spaceport later that same day.

In the evening of the 18th, shrouded figures - again, one woman, one man - were spotted planting ethicol bombs on both the E6 and E7 mag-levs. The explosions set the passenger cars of the crowded levs ablaze, with casualties reported in the low fifties, and dozens more injured. Through the hard work of Withmore�s civil servants, repairs to the mag-levs were completed within the night, with representatives from the Withmore Justice Force confirming that the levs were safe to use once again.

So, there you have it. A read-til-you-drop breakdown of everything those terrorist fucks have been up to in the past three months. With the fateful anniversary bearing down on us, it�s on each of us as citizens to keep our eyes open for trouble and do our part. Ignorance and apathy are just a big a threat to our society as the Red Liberation Front, so if you see something, say something.

Mysterious Threats at KMB Revealed to be a Juicy Mystery

Album announcement upstaged by superstar's latest project

by Hellcat, Withmore Globe Editor

The monotony of the weekday was broken up by the sudden appearance of Juicy Vee taking the stage at the Korova Milk Bar to discuss the reveal of his upcoming Summer album, 'Chyenaire'. SIC was fired up in response, and soon just about everyone was finding a television to tune into and listen to the superstar's announcement.

Before Juicy Vee could get very far into the details, his original interruption was then interrupted in turn by the arrival of a scraggly-looking mixer in depot clothing walking into the club to hand-deliver a letter meant for the artist. Read More

Thought it was first disregarded as fan mail, the courier insisted it was important and Vee finally relented, asking the nervous fellow to read it out on live television for everyone to hear.

The courier said the letter was addressed to 'Juicy lyric stealing piece of shit Vee', and then read the following: " Where da fuck is my muh fuckin' money muh fuckah? Yous think cause yous topside, surrounded by corpsec I ain't is gunna come fah yous ass? Price is going up. 1.1 million now baka. You keep on keepin' on like dis da price is gunna involve sum muh fuckin' pinky toes an' shit bitch. Start makin' payments or start lookin' ova yous shoulder."

The message's only signature was the letter 'X'.

Mister Vee took the unusual, vaguely threatening message in stride, remarking that the X clearly stood for kisses, and wished the sender hugs and kisses right back. He then dropped the second major announcement of the afternoon following a brief exchange of whispers with the completely overwhelmed messenger.


Juicy and his newly revealed ex-boyfriend and partner-in-showtime Viso escaped from the cameras of the milk bar to discuss the reveal as the rest of the dome was left reeling with speculation as to the nature of this mysterious new piece of television programming - and more importantly, who this mystery man that caught Juicy's eye even was.

I managed to stop Blackwater on his way out of the milk bar to exchange a few words, giving you all some one-on-one time with one of NLM's future stars. At first glance, there really isn't anything particularly remarkable about this man. He's lean, slightly wiry and stands at roughly five and a half feet tall with long black hair. Strikes me as someone who spent a long time in the sun prior to entering the dome, as his skin is a sun-beaten shade of tan. It's only the second or third time I look up from my 'term that I notice he has heterochromic eyes.

He speaks with a shaky voice, as if he's not accustomed to this kind of attention as he tells me they're working on some "very exciting stuff" behind the scenes. He's still got the look of a recent arrival, clad in the immigrant depot clothing that would normally get someone escorted off company property for wearing. He seems ignorant of the issue, clearly more focused on the matters at hand.

H: "So, how does some immigrant wearing depot clothes end up being an ex-lover of Juicy Fucking Vee? More importantly, how did you two decide to collab on a teevee show?"
V: "Juicy has always used that as something to tease me. He wasn't my 'boyfriend', we were boy-hood friends. He would joke about how I looked like a girl because I was so thin and had long hair and how he had a crush on me. He would tell people he was my boyfriend. As far as the show, we've always wanted to do something like this and we knew now was the right time."

Blackwater went on to say that he and Juicy grew up in the Mix together as children, and that Blackwater had left the dome in his earlier years to seek his fortune outside Withmore before only recently being called back to the place he called home, where he ran into his old, now successful friend.

H: "So, what kind of show -is- it, then?"
V: "A mystery show. We're going to look into some of the sideways stuff that happens in the mix, in the media, and figure it out. The stunt we did was, well a sort of big hook, a pilot. But it was just a taste, this is all down the road."

I asked about the mystery in question, the unusual letter he was tasked with delivering, but he quickly explained that it was a setup meant to grab the audience's attention.

"Who is 'X'? Whats this about money? Is it something from our past in the Mix?", he said. "[Our smart viewers] want to know what the mystery was. It intrigues you, you need to know. You're not just looking at it and assuming it's another trashy scandal, you see the potential we have for a great media epic."

When asked about a release schedule or details on the format of the show, Blackwater understandably couldn't go into detail, claiming the specifcs were still being ironed out and were under NDAs until the show went live. Blackwater entertained the the speculative idea that maybe the superstar Juicy Vee still harbors that boyhood crush, and reached out to him when he learned of his return to the dome to start this mystery project.

Juicy Vee Mysteries will be coming to NLM TV at an unspecified point in the future. Stay tuned to the Withmore Globe for future updates and announcements regarding this mysterious project!

Juicy Vee's new album, 'Chyenaire' is scheduled for a Summer 2102 release.


Can you write worth a damn? Do you have an inquisitive mind? Are you not stupid? If the answer to all of these is yes, the Withmore Globe might have a place for you. Gridmail a resume and a sample article to NewsDesk for review.

(Edited by NewsDesk at 3:51 pm on July 27, 2102)

The End of the RLF

From the Devil's Desk

For the first time in months, Citizens of Withmore were able to wake up to a quiet, peaceful morning without the spectre of terror looming over their daily lives. The RLF is dead and gone, and all that remains are the lingering memories that will fade as the minor wounds they left upon our great city scab over. There�s a certain level of excitement in the air as I�m writing this, and not just because I want to skip to the part where we talk about how WJF Interceptors lit up the last remnants of the Red Liberation Front with air to air missiles. It�s because the good guys won. It�s because we struck back, and it didn�t feel like a half-measure. Read More

They pushed us too far, and the response was to wipe them off the face of the Earth with superior firepower.

Don�t listen to what they tell you, kids - getting even feels good.

So, if you�ve been living under a rock for the past twenty four hours, you might have missed the news coverage and are asking yourself �Why is everyone walking around like it�s literally Christmas in July?� Well, let�s run you through it. In the early afternoon of Sunday, July 2nd, a car bomb was detonated outside the Krakeon apartment complex on Plessis Road. Though the streets were relatively empty in the quiet Sunday afternoon, there were still dozens of innocent people killed or injured by the attack. According to the SIC chatter at the time, a WEC paramedic arrived on the scene shortly after to treat the wounded, resulting in far less deaths than might have been had they not been able to reach the Acadia Way Clinic in time.

Sources at the Hall of Justice have named banished citizen Amon Janz as the primary suspect in the bombing, no doubt as part of his ongoing collusion with the Red Liberation Front. Janz, a repeated irritant in previous months, hired the services of a Chex Taxi driver to escort him from the scene as the explosives detonated. The driver, a recent immigrant by the name of Boguchwal Apoloniusz, had other plans in mind. While driving the cab down to Red, Apolonuisz said he noticed Janz and Grand Inquisitor Jack Anderson having a heated exchange over the public SIC. Between the timing of the bombing reports, the fact that Janz had insisted on remaining disguised, and this particular exchange between Janz and the Grand Inquisitor, Apoloniusz said he grew suspicious of the person in the back seat.

In quite possibly the funniest possible turn of events, the former Judge and cab driver found himself locked in the back of the cab and delivered right to the WJF�s doorstep. Judges swarmed the vehicle near-instantly, pulling Janz from the back seat and restraining him. At the time of this publication, the non-citizen is in WJF custody and is awaiting sentencing for his numerous crimes. Mister Apoloniusz was recognized for his bravery by WJF�s own Judge Steele, presenting him with a cash reward for the capture of the terrorist.

The response was immediate and overwhelming. A joint operation team was assembled between the Withmore Justice Force, ViriiSoma and New Light Media corporate security. The team assembled at the Hall of Justice and boarded the WJF Titan-92a dropship, which ferried them to the recently-discovered entrance of the RLF headquarters. For obvious security reasons, this location will not be printed. The strike team succeeded in their mission, despite the reported use of illegal explosives in an attempt to deter their advance. The joint strike by Street Judges and corporate security proved to be too much, as one by one the terrorists succumbed to their wounds. As the smoke cleared, WJF reinforcements arrived to tend to the wounded and recover the bodies of the fallen.

[A cropped photograph is visible here, showing a ViriiSoma corporate security agent receiving medical treatment from WJF medical personnel. His armor is battered and filthy, and the tactical shotgun held in his hand is still smoking from the barrel. Through the haze of of gunsmoke, the recognizable figure of Judge Hadley can be seen hefting the lifeless body of Ruby over her shoulder.]

As WJF forces regrouped, the cloneless RLF members were met by the last of their reinforcements, fleeing to the Badlands in rundown aerodynes. The bulk of the WJF followed suit, where NLM eyepods caught most of the action. The footage, which should be replayed on NLM Crime in the near future, is a testament to the might of the Withmore Justice Force. The routed terrorists, cloneless and low on gear, stood no chance against the vastly superior Force. The few survivors of the ground skirmish took to the air in their badly-damaged AVs, only to be blown out of the sky by a barrage of air-to-air missiles from WJF Interceptors.

It�s Tuesday now, and the anniversary of the RLF�s most notorious attack is only a week away.

And you know what?

I feel goddamned great, and so should you.

Misadventure on the Dune Seas

Badlands SNAFU involving airship leads to damning evidence.

Though the news in recent weeks has been dominated by the fall of the RLF and its assorted messes to clean up, there's actually been a few juicy tidbits that seem to have all but slipped through the cracks. There's a way to see the following story as a top-to-bottom fuckup of the highest order, but I'd prefer to see it as NeoTrans' new Chief of Security keeping his cool in the face of imminent catastrophe as he saved lives.

Near the end of June, Carrera says he received a phone call from someone claiming to have information about the desert pirates who had helped distract NeoTrans security personnel while the RLF swooped in to attack the spaceport apron. Read More

Reaching out to a contact, he utilized the services of the former KMB Head of Security Ishmael Morgan, to fly out into the badlands in order to rendezvous with this informant and collect information. What he was not aware of was that Morgan had apparently failed to secure permission from former NeoTrans PR rep William Garrett to use his airship, hereafter referred to by its name - 'Night Owl'. Morgan also mentioned that Garrett and an unnamed companion were asleep in the Captain's Quarters when they took the ship out through the Omega Gate.

In case you didn't see this one coming, it was a double-cross. As soon as the Night Owl had put some distance between it and the dome, desert pirates opened fire on the ship, doing significant damage to the gas balloons that help keep airships afloat. They went down in a bad way, both men bracing for impact as the ship collided with the scorching dunes of the badlands.

And if you think it was bad then, then boy howdy, you don't know the badlands.

Mere minutes after their collision with terra firma, Carrera and Morgan were greeted by the grating screech of claws on metal. It appeared that the crash had agitated the local fauna, and a highly irritable dune dragon had gone looking to crack open the downed craft to help itself to the tasty treats inside. Morgan, who had brought a weapon, but nothing in the way of armor or medical supplies, ran out to face the threat, and Carrera had no choice but to follow and assist. Though they managed to down the hideous creature, it had tore Morgan to ribbons, and the aforementioned lack of medical supplies meant he soon bled out on the floor.

Carrera was now alone with a rapidly cooling corpse and two happily ignorant sleepers in the dead center of a hostile desert territory. Seeing as how an official rescue mission would take a few days, the Head of Security took the necessary steps to save what remaining lives he could. He states that he hired the services of a mercenary with an armored AV to escort himself, Morgans corpse, Garrett and his sleeping buddy back to the dome. The uncionscious Garrett and the unnamed mixer were tucked away in a cube at the Habitat-X while Morgan was taken to be corpse cloned. In the following days, NeoTrans was able to send out a team to recover the wreckage of the Night Owl, and repairs were quickly completed on the spaceport apron.

Now, you might have noticed the part where I referred to Garrett's employment with NeoTrans in the past tense, and that's the part two to this story. You see, before they allowed the Night Owl back into the dome, Cadet Judges Sweeny and Hart had requested to do a routine check for contraband, in case Morgan's intentions had been less than noble. Upon being let onboard, Hart discovered the green robes given to banished citizens on the ship. According to Cadet Hart, Garrett claimed to have found them out in the badlands, from a victim of a dune dragon mauling, but the robe was mostly undamaged save for a few small caliber bullet holes.

By this time, the events of the previous article had already occurred, and Amon Janz was tucked away in lockup in the Hall of Justice. According to sources at the Hall of Justice, Garrett had left the dome shortly after the announcement of Janz's banishment, his return a few days later coinciding with Janz's own return to his criminal ways in the dome. Reportedly there had already been suspicion prior to the discovery of the banishment robe and confession from the captured terrorist, but the combination of all three things was enough to warrant the charge.

One clone death later, and NeoTrans' human resources personnel were quick to publicly sever ties with Garrett.

I'm sure there's a moral to the story here somewhere, whether it's 'don't trust pirates' or 'don't go into the fucking desert without the required preparation holy shit why would you do this', or simply 'don't aid banished criminals'. I'm still puzzling over it myself. Would adequate preparation have prevented the initial disaster that led to the discovery about Garrett? Is it actually a good thing that Morgan screwed the pooch? It's a mess, but make of it what you will.

KMB Gets Long-Overdue House Cleaning

Superstar Juicy Vee fires all staff, shifts club's image

Read More

by Hellcat, Withmore Globe Editor

It started late at night around the 28th of June, when Vee announced to the public via SIC that he had "done fired AHHHRYbody at KMB cause they lazy as fuuuuuck." He added that he was looking to bring some class to the milk bar, as to give it more of a "classy-ass corp swagger" vibe to "get tha' place jumpin' again." The statement generated some confusion, as the club has garnered a reputation through the years of being a place for corporate citizens to embrace the mixer lifestyle, even hosting events where they'd masquerade in 'Mix Fashion'.

It became clear that it wasn't a joke as the ever-present eyepods caught former employees woefully shuffling into the VIP room only to discover that they had in fact been removed from the employment terminal. The public SIC buzzed with discussion, both from earnest supporters and snide members of the peanut gallery. And just as suddenly as Juicy had appeared, he dropped off the SIC and went quiet, only responding to questions sent to him some weeks later.

Now, you'd think I wouldn't have to wait a month to write a story about this, but as the old saying goes - if you want something done right, you do it yourself. It's been a month of relative silence since Juicy Vee cleaned house at the KMB, but the superstar made time to speak with the Globe about his plans for the club's future and the hopeful recovery of its image after the past couple years of circling the drain.

When asked about the proposed future of the Korova Milk Bar, the superstar had the following words: "EXCLUSIVE. DOPE. BAKALAKA-FREE. EXPENSIVE. EXCELLENT. ACE OF SPACE. CHOOMBAKA FREE. SLUM DOG CHYENAIRE."

Since then, there have been brave souls trying and failing to claim the title of KMB host for themselves, as Juicy's staff continue to vet candidates for someone with the right fit for the club's new image. Juicy offered the following as advice for any aspiring hopefuls looking to bring their a-game to the milk bar: "Do WHAT Juicy SAYS WHEN Juicy SAYS HOW Juicy SAYS! Also, don't be the RED-OAK. Or the AKALUMPA. Neither of those bakalakas are allowed. Also don't be a bakalaka. Juicy can't stress that enough. You gotta be a GO GETTER and a SELF STARTER ya scanner? Juicy ain't got no time to manage shit when he's out on MOTHER FUCKING TOUR OR MAKING THE HOTTEST NEW NEO-RAP ALBUMS OF THE CENTURY YA SCANNNNNNNNERRRRR? "

With the interview ending, Juicy was asked if he had any final words of wisdom for citizens curious about the future of the club. His response has been printed below, without alteration, and is open for every reader to interpret as they see fit.

'Final words, Juicy be ready ta splurge
Come on down to Korova if you got the urge

In case you worried, it's bakalaka free,
put down ya beer, come up an' see,

We ain't got no RED-OAK, That bakalakas a joke.
We ain't got no Akalumpa, nothing rhymes with Akalumpa.
We got all the milk you could ever want,
We got all the pretty people you can ever see flaunt.

It don't matter what ya haunt, it don't matter what ya crew,
Come down to Korova and get ya milk on boo.
Juicy, Juicy, Juicy, you so vee.
Sometimes ya milk just hypnotize me.'


Juicy Vee's club, the Korova Milk Bar, is still looking to fill several positions, chief of which is that of the host. Interested parties willing to put in the time and effort should gridmail applications to the JuicyVee account for consideration by his staff.


Can you write worth a damn? Do you have an inquisitive mind? Are you not stupid? If the answer to all of these is yes, the Withmore Globe might have a place for you. Gridmail a resume and a sample article to NewsDesk for review.

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