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ViriiSoma Interrupts Juicy Vee Concert: Mass Shooting!

The senseless loss of innocent lives will SHOCK you!

Noon, 03/02/03: Juicy Vee surprises his fans with an unplugged performance in Cobblestone Plaza, spitting fire and giving away free copies of his brand new game, King of the Mix. The crowd gathers at record-breaking speed and goes wild as the beloved star starts performing while throwing his games out into the crowd for his fans to catch.

In the frenzy to get a hold of one of the copies, part of the crowd stumbles into the ViriiSoma lobby. Unaware of their surroundings, they're only there for high quality entertainment and a chance at getting a high value souvenir straight from the star's hands. Read More

Unfortunately, they get more than they bargained for.

ViriiSoma security asks the crowd to clear the area, completely ignoring the fans' inability to hear the request due to the commotion and the concert outside, as well as their distracted state.

Suddenly, a non-security employee of ViriiSoma bursts out of nowhere and grabs the game, provoking the crowd and taunting them before pulling out a knife and starting to stab anyone approaching, killing them in cold blood. It is unclear why ViriiSoma security escalated the situation and whether the non-security employee was ordered to start the commotion by ViriiSoma itself; this journalist can't help but wonder.

Immediately, ViriiSoma security starts shooting to kill the helpless civilians as they scream and run for their lives, causing Juicy Vee to have to interrupt the concert in order to prevent the loss of any more innocent lives. Who knows what might have happened if the brave agents of NLM security weren't outside, in the plaza, ready to intervene if the havoc spread to the public domain?

The Withmore Justice Force charged the non-security employee who started the violence with Manslaughter, but who will help the traumatized or even permanently dead victims of the massacre? Who will hold the one who gave the order to shoot or those who followed the order accountable? All we can do is keep the memory of this senseless violence alive in our hearts and take a stand against any more coldblooded shootings by ViriiSoma security.

03/02 - Never Forget.



An Opinion Editorial


What makes a good corporate citizen? Everyone has their own standards, but let's try to figure out where the general bar is, something we can all agree on. What comes to mind when you think of the ideal citizen of Withmore City?

Assuming you're not some trash dweller scraping by a pitiful existence on Red, you're probably thinking of someone that doesn't embarrass you to be around. Someone you'd get a drink with after a long day of being productive, of doing your job. Someone gregarious and pleasant to be around, who knows how to get things done and isn't afraid to push the envelope in their workplace. Read More

Someone who, when they do a line of marcy, merely becomes more fun to party with instead of telling you about all of their bizarre fetishes.

In other words, someone who can comfortably exist Topside without making an ass of themselves. Someone who isn't the butt of every joke. Someone who conforms to the standards of Topside living.

This article isn't about those people. That should be the norm, not the exception. This article just wants to ask a question.

Why? Why are the people who cannot conform and cannot cope with the standards of Topside existence allowed to be here? Why are they given a chance to begin with when they prove that they're not deserving of it, when their every waking breath is at risk of subverting our culture of productivity and excellence?

Mistakes happen. New Light Media isn't perfect, if the abortion that was Rock Cider is any indication. Show business is a tricky art, and stars rise and fall all the time. Most, hopefully, without the colossal fucking up on the level of Cider's that makes people doubt the system.

Let it not be said that this writer does not believe in chances being offered, but there comes a point when someone has to wonder if too many are being given. If there's too much leniency. If some are incapable of seeing the writing on the wall. New Light Media is, at the very least, decisive about dealing with people who are more trouble than they're worth.

A lot of people can fuck up in a city with millions of people. Let's take a few other examples, pick a few names from a hat. Importantly, let's establish right now that all of these people I'm about to list had extensive warning signs that they weren't cut out for life up here.

'Inazuma' Fujimura. Former ViriiSoma Corporate Security. A relatively obscure hire, but one who had a record of violence, lying and banditry in the Mix before she was hired to work in CorpSec. Illegal firearms, ties to banished citizens, you name it, she did it. Rumor has it that New Light Media turned her down first before she went for VSEC, where she lasted all of about two weeks before committing suicide over a lover's tiff. She went on to release the notorious Killian Rez from the Sector Correctional Facility, and is now presumed dead.

Ethan Carthage. Former ViriiSoma Public Relations. Another do-nothing hire that put in the barest minimum for his actual career, preferring to harass corporate citizens working for New Light Media for personal information, hoping to blackmail them. Apparently this was a trend he started while working for NeoTrans, which sensibly removed him quickly. By all indications, his efforts can be charitably described as inept, and he was declared a corporate traitor by ViriiSoma after months of cynically collecting paychecks while making a mockery of the corporation providing for his livelihood.

Mary Smith. Former ViriiSoma Corporate Security. Declared corporate traitor for frequently going on illegal vigilante hunts in the sewers and down on Red district, practices that had been loudly and publically ongoing for several weeks before she was finally killed on a misguided trip to Red. You might recall her on several Class Wars episodes. She even invited Mixers up to beat them up at Westun's World of Fitness in Central Gold.

I'll let the deceased Mister Akiyama's, former ViriiSoma bio-engineer, recent article speak for itself. Don't be an Akiyama.

Now, there's a big difference between being declared a corporate traitor and merely being fired. Corporate citizens who aren't putting their best foot forward are laid off every day, replaced by more ambitious and dutiful newcomers. And there's a huge difference between simply not doing a good job and actively using your status as a corporate citizen for malicious activities, activities that embarrass everyone trying to live a normal life.

You may have noticed a trend above, with those names. Why is it that ViriiSoma seems to employ more of the latter than anyone else? Why do they hire obviously tainted goods? Why do they drag their feet with ridiculous failure-citizens? We can only hope that they've tightened up on their standards. Standards that we had all best keep in mind.

Plight of the Femboy

Rock Cider hits Rock Bottom after going nuclear on public SIC.

by Ryker Valentine

In a disastrous turn of events, former NLM TV star Rock Cider has been removed permanently from the wall screens and televisions across Withmore after a comment made on public SIC. Read More

It was previously known that Cider�s SIC ambitions included professing his sexual proclivities, but nobody expected it to come this far when he made the claim he was having sexual affairs with Judge Phillips� lover; �Props to WJF-Phil, he went above and beyond servin' the Dome and kept his chica tight for me.�

As if Undermining Judicial Authority wasn�t bad enough, Cider then goes on to backchat Grand Inquisitor Jack Anderson; when asked to clarify, Cider promptly stated that he �fucked Judge Gerik Phillips� NLM superstar girlfriend, Juju,� �Would you like me to illustrate further, Grand Inquisitor?� his smarmy tone rang out in the ears of 75 million citizens of Withmore City - half of those being loyal corporate citizens.

When asked to report to the Hall of Justice lobby, once again, drama queen Cider complained that the travel was too far, both undermining the power the Grand Inquisitor had over him and the localized fame he garnered through his very short career at NLM. It is clear at this point that his only intentions were to shame himself and shame NLM in itself - and this isn�t the first time he�s caused an unnecessarily public uproar.

Rock Cider�s career in the Mix was a confusing one to start off - he frequently updated in the Metro Chat section of the Grid in what he calls a �glog� during his happenings in the Mix. Not a single soul knew who this histrionic nobody was, but the more and more he updated, the more and more he gathered somewhat of a cult following. It was no surprise that his ambitions were solely based off the fact that fame and money was his end goal - without the respect and professionalism he required as a corporate citizen.

Even less of a surprise is his previous relationship with the late Kain Falls, a Mix rockerboy whose music coincidentally carried on through Rock Cider after his death. While rumor had it before that Rock Cider was piggybacking off of Kain�s mix popularity, he has also been accused of betraying him completely to join NLM, rather than remain by his side as the Mixer he was always meant to be. Some say after learning of Falls� death, Cider smiled.

Resources report that Rock Cider had no intentions of being a singer or having real talent to begin with - once again highlighting how insistent he was in gaining fame without actually having to work for it. Accompanied by his persistently unsuccessful attempts to raise awareness about his existence, as well as the fruitless narcissism he prides himself with, his sad life has been narrated by the desperate attempts he makes to get fame.

And it fails. Every time. He may boast about how much �chatter� he gathers, but it�s negative in every connotation. Much like a child who is desperate for the attention of others, positive or negative, Cider�s endless blathering on SIC can only be described as desperate and insatiable - and while he may be glad his legacy lives on in a few sad Metro Chat posts and a shaming article, his word-of-mouth notoriety will be forgotten as quickly as Akiyama�s was.

A well-respcted coworker of mine put it very accurately; when you are no longer productive in your career, and it is dumbed down to simply being your service, you are no longer welcome topside. You�ll either slip away quietly back to where you belong, or you�ll be made a public example of - the entirety of your career and work broken down and stomped all over by those who felt you deserved a chance to have it in the first place. Make wise of your time here, and if you think you can get away with abusing those above you, think hard about how easily they can take everything you have away from you.

After a pitiful attempt at raising the price on his head, Cider�s bounty was claimed at 30,000 chyen. As of the publishing of this article, he is currently being held by the WJF.

Nowhere to Run

Nowhere To Run
Pitiful attempt at defamation squashed

by Ryker Valentine

On January the 10th, 2103, former ViriiSoma biotech Ashier Akiyama, otherwise as H.Aki on SIC, was reported to have spread forged documents containing falsified information on ViriiSoma's latest research. Several witnesses have come forward and claimed they had seen documents detailing the fabricated reports and the names of those allegedly involved. This information was elevated to even further public notice in a self-proclaimed �suicide note� on the Grid. Read More

Akiyama, a do-nothing corporate citizen whose presence was perceived as little more than an afterthought prior to this, had been relieved of his position at ViriiSoma for repeated instances of disturbing behavior. He�s been known to profess this behavior at Juicy Vee�s live milk bar, iterating the grotesque details of dead bodies, along with publicly leaking NDA information about his work. He succeeded in making himself out to be an unlikable ghoul with little regard to the new corporate reputation he had to uphold.

The tip off that led to his corporate betrayal was nothing more than a cliche lover�s feud, sending him over an edge he could not return from. Already known as an unprofessional embarrassment, Akiyama could not separate his personal life from his professional, and in turn strung up a flimsily-written article that claimed to be ViriiSoma property, with inconsistent information structured - or unstructured in such a way that was uncharacteristic of corporate standard. The names mentioned at the end were a humorless attempt to call out several ViriiSoma biotechs - some of whose names were not even in full or spelled correctly.

Lover�s feud? Yes -- it is rumored that Akiyama had, the night before, been victim to an affair. He proceeded to invade the dwelling of a local celebrity, likely with the intent to steal something from the homewrecker in some sort of sick and twisted criminal revenge. However, he got more than he bargained for when either party started to consumate in the living room, leaving him trapped. When the WJF arrived on-scene following the report of the break-in-burglary, Akiyama made his way down to Red and was subsequently issued a fine of thirty-five thousand chyen.

A wobbly attempt of a smear campaign at best. This wasn�t his first failure, either - but it certainly will be his last. Following his posts on the Grid, he proceeded to give out the VSWITH key on the Feed, further displaying his complete disregard for law and finalizing his label as a corporate traitor. True to his folk�s tale, however, Akiyama had killed himself in an attempt to flee the Justice system. After a commendable joint operation by ViriiSoma�s very own CorpSec and the Withmore Justice Force, the freshly cloned Akiyama was apprehended and faced an unremarkable end to an unremarkable life.

Perhaps there is a lesson in this for us all. In the grand scheme of things, your personal failure is not conclusive to your career. You may have a day of a bad reputation, but your consequent success by pressing on and focusing on your career can make up for it in the long run. Remember that the corporations work for you - which means, in return, you have to work for them if you want a remarkable status. Not everything goes your way, and that�s okay. But please, for the love of God, don�t take it out on anyone else, especially the corporation you owe allegiance to.

Here�s some personal insight as to why some fail and some succeed as corporate citizens. Number one thing: professionalism. You have to know how to let go of your personal grievances in exchange for your job. This isn�t uncommon, either; you have to let go of what is holding you back from achieving your best in your career. If you�re having a bad day, you have to leave it at the door. Point blank. Entertaining and tending to the loyal customers who demand the service you�ve agreed to provide becomes your number-one motivation when you move up, and when it doesn�t, you need to rethink /why/ you�re moving up. If you think for a moment that the corporations are going to let you off with a slap of the wrist for defaming and slandering their name, you are not only mistaken, but you become another example. An embarrassment to the public. Another Akiyama, in essence.

Don�t be an Akiyama.


- by Aurelie Claudel

Christmas. One of the most significant holidays of the year - and one of our most polarizing. For those fortunate enough to have family, friends or a significant other, it�s an opportunity to indulge in abundance; gifts, feasts, fun and frivolity. But for those of us who have lost loved ones, the season can be a reminder of our woes, it can magnify a sense of loss and mourning. And then there are the others � the ones who are lonely and the ones who choose to be alone. The former kind, who were never graced with the social skills required to maintain significant relationships, struggle with their depression and cope with the aid of risky sex, drugs, booze, or senseless thrills. Read More

The latter kind, the ones who choose to be alone, they often have reasons for it, focused on other goals like a career deadline or wanting to avoid the mediocrity of pretentious pleasantries. Or maybe it�s a distrust in people.

I have been cursed with an opinionated mouth and a penchant for thrill-seeking behaviours. These traits, combined with my insatiable curiosity are what drive me to become a better journalist. But unfortunately, they are also what attracts the wrong attention. Some of this attention comes in a positive form � in the shape of compliments and praise for my stories � these ones are often from people who appreciate having something interesting to read on their daily commute. Sometimes, the venom comes from mixers who despise those of us who would dare elevate ourselves away from the dangers of the mix, so we can focus instead on greater problems like designing the systems that provide this city with our essential services � of the systems that protect us from the barren, radioactive wastelands beyond our dome walls.

It all started with a beautifully wrapped gift from a secret admirer. Instead of being excited, as any normal woman would be, I was paranoid. I had recently written an article that landed me in hot water � my own naivete and lack of experience and better judgement drawing the attention of two of the most powerful men in the city. But one by one, as each package was scanned and opened, it appeared the gifts (although of a rather embarrassingly lewd nature) were innocuous. However, one of them was not as innocent as the rest. A violent explosion erupted in the form of an ethicol timebomb, spewing flames and debris that sent shockwaves throughout the lobby of the NLM tower. It felt like I had been hit by a maglev. All around me, people collapsed to the ground. Innocent corporate citizens contributing their part to society by attending work were murdered in the blink of an eye. A devastating fire broke out, engulfing our beautiful receptionist, her life extinguished the moment she sucked hot air into her lungs. In an instant while the fire grew, consuming everything in the lobby; gifts, eyePods, furniture, mortal flesh all consumed by the inferno. Acrid smoke filled my lungs, but by some miracle � most likely the life-sustaining nanogenic bioware from ViriiSoma � Judge Janz and I survived the blast. It was so surreal.

Debris from the initial explosion blocked our escape. While smoke billowed and the haze of radiant heat licked at our exposed skin, we made our escape, taking with us the bodies of the fallen. The exhaustion and the agony were almost more than I could bear but fortunately, services were quick to react and came to our aid, assisting our timely escape, extinguishing the fire and ensuring the security of NLM Tower. We were receiving treatment at the Westside Elective Clinic when an active member of the Black Tide terrorist cell appeared. Never before in my life have I felt as much fear as when I witnessed first hand what they were capable of � in a flash of gleaming metal, Judge Janz was cut down, reduced to a bloodied mess of burned flesh. Despite his inevitable fall � in spite of the tilted match � he never once stopped fighting. The WJF has proven time after time that they are willing to lay down their lives for the protection of innocent civilians.

The next day, as I recovered from my injuries and attempted to make sense of the events that had occurred, my pride returned � the egotistical feeling that comes from surviving unspeakable torture and humiliation. And in any other situation, it may have been justified, but not this one. What I failed to understand about the situation at large was the extent of the reach that a terrorist organisation can have. My mistake and inability to reserve my words for the Globe could have endangered the public at large and I recognize something now that I should have always know: We live and we breath only because it is allowed. We are dependent on systems that work quietly in the background, ensuring the delicate balance of life is sustained, and we must all learn and accept our place within these systems; man or woman, rookie or veteran, corporate or mixer, elder or child. It is with deep humility that I have written this article exposing my mistakes despite the inevitable public shame that will undoubtedly accompany it � a shame that belongs to me, as an individual alone, and does not reflect the opinions of my corporation. If there is one wish that I have for Christmas, it would be to warn anyone else from making the same mistakes:

We are free to make whatever choices we want, but we are not free from the consequences of our choices.

Withmore Beats Art Competition Results

Juju reveals the winner of 100,000 chyen

Withmore Beats Art Competition Results

-Juju reveals the winner of 100,000 chyen

By Aurelie Claudel, Withmore Globe Journalist

Friday, December 15, 2102

The long-anticipated winner of New Light Media�s Withmore Beats visual arts competition has been announced. In a public statement released earlier today, award-winning singer and songwriter Juju revealed:

�We've got a winner for the Withmore Beats artwork contest, finally! For first place, the art piece "Forged Immortality" by Solaria Darkstone. She'll be the recipient of hundred thousand chyen, have her artwork displayed for millions to see and be invited to a special celebratory trip.�

[Photo: Forged Immortality by Sol. Read More


Starting at the left center of the canvas is a humanoid figure with no face stepping from a seemingly endless row of vats onto a golden floor. Immediately outside of the vat another humanoid but featureless figure is depicted inspecting what appears to be a closet full of skins, complete with faces and hairdos and even clothes to match them. All of these skinsuits are hollow and empty. Another figure is depicted pushing its featureless form into one of the male appearing suits. Just to the right, a humanoid figure appearing female with colorful hair appears to be walking towards two sets of staircases with an elevator between them.

One of the staircases is stained with blood and the opposite staircase is lavishly adorned with green jewels. Dividing the staircases is a closed elevator that appears sleek and modern, completely unblemished. An indicator above the elevator marking the floor shines with blue with an infinity symbol. While the elevator remains closed, both staircases are freely available to traverse. In the background of the scene a few of the figures remain in a void of dull black color. One lone figure is scene escaping the blackness through a crevice of orange light while others recoil in fear.

Near the upper portion of the canvas is depicted a heavenly scene of shining  golden statues and vibrant green parks of flora. Human figures dressed finely wearing ornate masks mingle with each other, while black sentinels loom in the background with mirroed faces. Near the forefront of the scene is the beginning of a staircase, presumable linked with the scene in the middle. It is here that one of the looming black figures is seen tearing off the mask of one of the finely dressed figures to reveal a hideous face. It appears that in this same motion, the towering guardian is casting the revolting figure back down the stairs.

At the lower portion of the canvas a scene of fire and blood washes over the canvas amongst decrepit buildings and shadowy alleyways. Hundreds of meticulously shaped humanoids in various attire from fraudulent elegance to downtrodden tatters litter the scene. Some congregate with others of a similar color while others stand alone and isolated. There are many instances where a knife is being planted in someones back or violence against one involving many. Another staircase is at the forefront of this scene climbing upwards to the middle of the canvas. A few haggard figures are seen trying to climb it, only to be pushed back down by those descending. Some appear to be pulled back by others as they struggle to break free.

At the right center of the canvas many freshly birthed figures having taken their skins from the closet descend the blood stained stairs, a disproportionately smaller few climb the stairs adorned with green gems. One singular female figure appears to be before the now opening elevator bathed in bright blue light, walking triumphantly into its grace.

[---End Photo---]

For the runner up, the enchanting superstar declared:

�For second place, we have a stunning painting is a badass painting by an artist who wishes to remain anonymous. They're going to receive a complete set of diamond weave and prog-cloth, custom tailored to their desires.�

[Photo: Painting by anonymous artist]

Shimmering, reflective waves of gold ripple in an infinite pool, tranquil to the naked eye, broken only with the emergence of a diminutive woman. Obsidian-dyed curls are slick with liquid gold droplets sliding back down into the surface, most of the figure's form below the shoulders hidden in the murky clouds of gold and platinum under the waterline. Washed of the clinging liquid, a closed fist is thrust into the air, a historical symbol of liberation. Vines of withered ivy climb her wrist, swirling around feminine letters spelling 'Atonement.' Endless night is the background, the sky, no obstacle for Alivia, her well-known face painted in realistic recreation, to clear when her rise completes.

It isn't, not quite yet.

Slinking in the depths, shadowy figures grasp and claw for her ankles, pulling harshly on a chain of shackles. Floating away from an obscured leg is a fully broken manacle, falling back into the foggy gloom. In the vague depiction of the characters it's difficult to tell if friends are among the foes trying to hold her back, a last restraint left around an ankle. Chaos is disrupted by a glimmer of light showing hope: the final cuff is cracking, the fantasy of others fading to the dreams of Alivia.

[---End Photo---]

The anonymous artist commented that they used gold and platinum colours in their piece to represent Juju�s time at the Korova Milk Bar, her current employment at New Light Media, and how people associate the premium colours with wealth. The artist explained that Juju�s emergence from the pool and the horrors that lurk beneath its surface was designed to depict her breaking away from the hold of others, their greedy wants and desperate needs.

In third place, Juju disclosed, �Last but not least in third place, another anonymous submission based on the state of purgatory between death of a clone and modern rebirth.� To view the artwork that took third place, check out the original piece on the gridnode: ModernRebirth.

Juju�s enchanting voice and contagious beats are prominent in her new album Renaissance, which is available for purchase in stores with its feature songs LUCID, Molokos and Dancing with the Devil made into videos now playing in rotation on Withmore Beats, Channel 16.  

Mass Murderer Escapes Prison

Mass murderer escapes prison
- by Aurelie Claudel

The corruption of Red Sector residents knows no bounds; Angus 'Rez' Killian, the cold-blooded serial killer responsible for the recent killing spree of corporate citizens, was aided in an escape from the Sector Correctional Facility (SCF) by a corrupt prison guard. �Fortunately, he was intercepted by the WJF and promptly returned. �While the SCF itself is impressive, thanks to the generous investment from New Light Media's Class Wars and its host Jonus Alexander, this inexcusable error occurred due to the unforgivable betrayal from former prison guard, Reiko 'Pariah' Fujimura and previously convicted criminals, Epoch 'Inko' Hendricks and Lana 'Revat' Aila. Read More

Ever since her arrival in Withmore, Fujimura has been nothing but a detriment to society. �She permanently killed a doctor at Fuller Med while working for Withmore City Services, was fired for incompetence by ViriiSoma, then fired again by the SCF after being convicted of murder. �Honestly, how fucking dumb do you have to be to lose your job as a security guard in one of the easiest jobs there is in the Mix! �I mean, the WJF literally hand-delivers inmates to their cells, so how hard can it be?! �But I digress; this woman has been given every chance at a stable job and still, she chooses to spit in the face of society - a typical reaction of a Mixer population that would much rather blame someone else for their problems than consider the fact that they might just actually need to be responsible for elevating themselves above their pitiful existence.

So how did this all go down? �Fujimura, although fired from the SCF due to her murder conviction, was never fully erased from the books. �
She just waltzed right on in, taking Epoch Hendricks and Lana Aila with her, who then walked right back out with Killian's decrepit form in tow. �The Mix is a tough mistress though and there was one giant flaw in their plan - they didn't expect their fellow Mixers to turn on their own kind. �Killian was murdered by gangers outside the New Rose Hotel. �By this point, one of the less-incompetent prison guards alerted Judge Janz. Grand Inquisitor Jack Anderson ordered Aila, Angus Miur, Hendricks, and Fujimura to turn themselves in, which the majority proceeded to do.
Hendricks made the mistake of following her up - but instead of handing himself over, launched an aggressive assault on our Judges with the help of Isa Leveau, known frequent joygirl for low-level fixer and junk dealer Julian 'Apollo' Denario. �It was a brutal affair in which one of our noble servicewomen fell but was fortunately revived by Doctor Kanagawa who offered her assistance in the nick of time. Leveau was given clone death for her participation.

So, Fujimura turns herself in, joining the others in lockup where they were all sentenced. �Fujimura was promptly executed. �Aila attempted to escape her cell and was sentenced to 1000 years of Time Dilation.
Hendricks was brutally punished by having his memories wiped - a punishment that, unlike the current, infuriating assumptions by uninformed individuals, is not a rehabilitation. �Epoch Hendricks is a murderer, a Mixer, whose reputation precedes himself. �He is still a criminal and is NOT to be welcomed with open arms.

As for Killian, he was apprehended at Genetek shortly after cloning and returned to his permanent cell where he will continue to spend the rest of his life sentence. �The most hilarious thing of all is that those naive degenerates actually believed Killian was a folk hero, defending them by sticking it to the man. �However, by following a few risky leads - and I'm telling you, this wasn't an easy fact to uncover, someone obviously wants it to remain a secret- I discovered that Killian Angus was PAID an enormous sum of chyen, to the value of 350,000 credits, to cause havoc topside. �And who paid him? �None other than the infamous terrorist, Nicadameus Frasier.

Exactly what Frasier's intent may be is currently unknown but you have my word, my dear, valued readers - I will do my best to get to the bottom of this and keep you informed. �Until then, please be vigilant. �If you see any suspicious activity, report it to the Hall. �And remember; stay away from the mix - let me bring the news to you, in the safety of your beautiful Gold and Green sectors.


Have you seen something newsworthy? Call our tip line on 385-6566.

CORRECTION: It was previously mentioned that Judge Janz had ordered a trio of criminals turn themselves in to the Hall.

However, Grand Inquisitor Jack Anderson made the request and three out of the four criminals, out of fear of retribution, complied with the demands.


(Edited by NewsDesk at 3:06 am on Dec. 24, 2102)

(Edited by NewsDesk at 3:10 am on Dec. 24, 2102)


Last week the city saw the grand opening of the new corporate-funded structure that aims to serve one purpose: lock up the sacks of filth that infest this fine City and keep them down below and under our feet where they can't harm our children and families. Read More

Following piqued interest from the City Council to fight the Red Sector plague that threatens our very own wellbeing, we have personally seen how New Light Media has generously backed the funding of this new facility that aims to ease the burden on the WJF and TERRA, sub-delegating tasks that nobody wants to do such as dealing with vagrant filth and maintaining criminals at bay in their new modern precincts, which counts with the state-of-the-art security technology such as Tiger autocannon guns and mean men with batons.

I was fortunate enough to receive an early tour of the new Sector Correctional Facility and the staff were kind enough to disclose some information with me, related to the new technology they've developed to address the problem of potential prison overpopulation and the excess of shitheads sharing iso-cubes like sardines in a can; one moment, smartasses, because NLM is one step ahead of you.

The brand-new Time Dilation drug is a new substance that will make you want to kill yourself, in essence. But speaking in more scientific terms, the Time Dilation drug alters the perception of time by the person consuming it, essentially making them live in slow-motion.

The drug has acquired a number of street-talk terms such as Slow-Mo and Ti-Di and has been described as being as a severe psychological torture, causing wreck and mayhem in the minds of the people taking it.

Just imagine sitting in a cube and batting an eye, because yes, you need to blink. Now imagine that batting an eye is the most scrutinous process you've ever performed in your life: it feels like an eternity before your eyelids can close and open again. That's Slow-Mo, and while some of my peers have questioned its moral value, I flick them off. Want to know why? Because THEY DESERVE IT!

The prison has seen the most repulsive personalities inhabiting its precincts: we've seen Angus Killian, Epoch Hendriks, and a whole array of disgruntled Mix parodies-of-gangers who are THERE because the LAW put them there for heinous crimes such as HOMICIDE, TERRORISM, AND KIDNAPPING.

I have to congratulate the City, as a witness to their genius and supremacy; For a criminal, a regular sentence will be perceived as eighteen to thirty-six months, while for the rest of us sound-of-mind individuals, it'll feel like two or three days at most, allowing for the quick processing of inmates while ensuring that the severe punishment is enough to prevent a plethora of future crimes.

Not all things are good nonetheless, as the prison staff has seen its own share of hiccups too in its performance. During an interview process, led by Street Judge Amon Janz, a Junior Guard and former convict and murderer who goes by the name of Rais Lee, escorted the Judge to the prisoner's cell. Not long after the Judge persuaded the prisoner to start spilling the beans about his mischief �and don't all Mixers pretend to act tough and like bad boys until they see shiny armor and a big gun, when they piss their pants- the Mixer, whose identity will remain a secret for the naivest audience, slung threats to the guard� who proceed to ATTACK and KILL him AND his cell partner while they were handcuffed!

At first, I thought this was perhaps an ill-disguised attempt at an early escape from their sentence, allowing the inmates an early (though fatal) release, however this occurred on the same day that they were due to be released. I was baffled when I heard the news � this was worse than any other punishment because HOW are they supposed to REMEMBER their punishment if they are MURDERED before being given the chance to update their clones? There�s a reason we built the prison, otherwise the LAW would have fined or executed them in the first place!


And THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THE PRISON need to place HIGHER STANDARDS on the new hires to avoid this kind of petty and pathetic incidents that scream nothing but incompetence. This undesirable trait is already abundant in Red, do we need to have it in the facilities that have been generously granted to them by the corporations? I SAY NO. And while the guard was executed by the Judge and rescinded of his duties, it's just a matter of time before the next guard goes rogue and commits the same acts, or worse: causes a tragedy within the walls of SCF.

This is why we, hardworking corporate citizens, implore their bosses to remain vigilant and prove us wrong. Prove to us that the SCF can work as we intend it to work: as a space for the improvement of Withmore City, our beloved, fine city.

Dark Days

Angus Killian's murder spree comes to a close.

Monday, December 04, 2012

It has been another dark day as several more of our valuable corporate citizens have been murdered in a killing spree that begun several days ago, when serial killer and madman Angus Killian, returned to Withmore.

In a previous article, I mentioned how dangerous my job would be - but I had no idea until I followed a tip that led me into contact with notorious Black Tide terrorist, Nicadameus Fraiser, who returned to Withmore City shortly after the Clone Banks were destroyed. Surrounded by Frasier and his goons, I was told about the explosions, then handed over to a hooded companion, someone whose face I recognised as soon as it was revealed: Killian Rez. Angus. Read More

CyanideGimp on the Grid - whatever name you want to call him.

He took his time with me. He slashed my skin apart, opening wound after wound. The irony wasn't lost on me as every beat of my heart, both sustained my life... and brought me closer to death. None were as painful as the moment that he took away my beauty. One of his gnarled hands wrapped around my throat while the other slid the sharp, cold blade into my eye socket until I was left with nothing but a gaping hole. Pump.. pump.. pump. Every rapid, terror-filled pulse pushed the last of my consciousness away.

I am only alive to bring you this story because of the brave vigilance of Field-medic Rejind who heard public discussion about the assault, investigated and relayed information to the authorities that recovered me. He was also the medic who administered the life-saving treatment that I required. I was lucky to have survived.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for my fellow colleague, Litso Dimulya. I met Litso for the first time yesterday after being returned by the WJF to the protection of NLM Corporate Security. She was so very gentle and kind - and sympathetic after her own personal experience. You see, Litso was another one of Killian's helpless victims, murdered in cold blood after being lured into a stolen cab - CHEX vehicle C326 and she wasn't the only one.

This evening, Doctor Dace Railey from Westside Elective Clinic, became another victim. Dr Railey is someone much beloved by dear friends of mine - all of them good people who worked hard to earn their places in the Corporate world - who constantly strive to improve themselves and provide valuable contributions to society. While I barely know the woman myself, what I do know of her is that she is an innocent woman and she didn't deserve to die.

This believe was affirmed when a friend of Dr Railey attempted to call her after hearing about the abduction, This friend stayed on the line, enduring a conversation with the twisted tongue of a predator, relaying information in an attempt to save her live. Killian answered the phone and agreed to an exchange - my life for hers. A stupid thing to agree to, oui, but those who know me, know that I have a difficult time sitting idle in an apartment while innocent people are being murdered. Especially after the heinous crime he committed earlier that day.

When I woke up that morning, I'd been informed that Killian had been apprehended by Judges and was undergoing treatment for Degenerative Clone Disease (DCD) so that he could be incarcerated. Unfortunately, he managed to escape, but an anonymous tip revealed his location. In a valiant attempt to contain the madman before he could hurt any more civilians, Judge Janz followed Killian down into the mix, but was outnumbered, overpowered and tortured to death. He lied to me, with promises that the good Judge would be let go if I'd meet him at the Drome � something I foolishly considered until sources warned me that the Judge had already been murder. He told me the same lie, agreeing to releasing our innocent Doctor.

What I didn't know at the time though was that CHEX C326 wasn't the only stolen vehicle in operation. No, Killian had stole another taxi, C675 - the one he was telling me to get in. But he couldn't hold up his part of the deal because Dr Railey wasn't going to be released. Epoch Hendricks and Lana Aila murdered her in the back seat of cab C326 while he fled the scene. That's when the WJF stepped in, using a Locust Cargo AV to hoist up cab 326 - passengers and all - dropping it off in the brand new Sector Correctional Facility where Hendricks and Aila will now serve their time.

In just a few days, I've witnessed hero worship from confused and delusional mixers who believe that he is going to provide them with some kind of revolution, but you poor, confused souls couldn't be more wrong. Angus Killian is a madman. Literally, one of the most complicated cases of DCD. He's a broken record, doomed to repeat. And repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

The manipulations of Killian are indiscriminate. Sure, his current preference for chaos is to ignite the criminal mixer population into action against corporate citizens, but take it from someone who knew him in a past life - Angus Killian is a dangerous lunatic. He is encouraging the mixer population to rise up, inciting acts of violence that led to the recent, grievous attack at New Light Station.

Why? Because he was turned on, by another notorious criminal. Someone who ripped all the chrome from his body, without anaesthesia, in a shack in Bansuporu Park before being left for dead in the wastelands with nothing but a canteen full of piss. He has died so many times, that he can't even remember who he loves, or who he hates. So he hates us all. But this all happened because of.. you guessed it.. another forsaken criminal, Mark Grey. Ivan. D. Why do these criminals all have so many names? I'm starting to notice a pattern here. But anyway, most of you won't remember him, not unless you search the grid for old news. Killian didn't always used to be so bad - he was a decker, a good one too. But Grey pushed and pushed, killing everyone that Killian loved. All of his friends. That drove him to sell himself to the highest bidder and jack himself up with more chrome than anyone should really be able to survive. Those two fought so often.. that eventually, Killian ended up becoming exactly like the man that he hated so much.

And that's where we end up today. Remember my lesson, people. I'll repeat it, so it sinks in: The mix is a cesspool where filth breeds filth. It rots anyone that lingers too long, just like how it's rotted Killian's mind away. Don't make me write it again.

Until next time, our cherished readers, here's an exclusive peek inside the new Sector Correctional Facility:

[A photograph of SCF - Processing: This spacious room seems to get a lot of traffic, a trail of scuff marks clearly visible along the floor from the constant foot traffic of inmates and facility personnel alike. A watch desk sits a short distance away from the southern wall, allowing facility personnel to keep a careful eye on the procession of inmates in their distinct jumpsuits. Through the west, you can see the first row of the prison's isolation cubes awaiting their immediate residents. An iso-cube control kiosk is here set into the wall near the door, casting a soft glow. A framed poster titled 'WCS' on the wall finishes with the tagline 'Withmore depends on City Services'. Jericho is here, locked in the grasp of Lorraine Seabrook.  Judge Hart is maintaining a vigil.  Angus Muir is standing here.  Dru Coetzee is sitting at the watch desk.]

Caption: The Processing Room - where criminals are sorted into their cells. Unfortunately, while given a tour of one, I am not permitted to share photos of secure areas with the public. I'm sure you can all appreciate why. Nonetheless, the cell that I saw was a simple room with all the basic amenities - one of the ones given to sleepers, who will now be carried into them by TERRA or WCS personnel instead of left at the coffins.

[A photograph of SCF - Visiting Area: This large, plain room is utilitarian and has so little in the way of decoration that anything without function stands out like a sore thumb. A concrete floor has been painted a shade of medium gray and covered with a thick layer of shining epoxy. A circular reception station stands in the center of the room made of translucent white polycarbonate with metal accents, its surfaces scratched and dinged up over time. On its counter is a single fake-looking plastic plant which could use a good dusting. Hideous pea green airport-style bench chairs have been lined all around the edges of the room with the seat-areas faded slightly, obviously host to many past visitors. The dingy white walls do little to remove the feeling of claustrophobia one might get in this windowless, near-featureless space. A sign over the eastern door states: 'ALL Visitors MUST Check In At Desk'. A black camera hangs from the wall watching the area. A framed poster titled 'SCF' on the wall finishes with the tagline 'The Sector Correctional Facility, a place for rehabilitation'. Dennis Harewood is patrolling the prison, beatboxing under his breath.  Judge Hart is maintaining a vigil.  The reception station is empty, in the middle of the room. The bench chairs are lined in neat rows along each wall.]

Caption: The Visiting Area, where the slow realisation that nobody cares enough to visit will slowly dawn upon you.

[A photograph of SCF - Cafeteria shows: A large, checkered tile room flooded by the artificial blue glow of the overhead fluorescent lighting. The drab beige walls are completely bare save for a notice board and a large framed T.E.R.R.A. recruitment poster. Agents in jumpsuits or plainclothes march through the serving line at the counter along the north wall, taking trays of food to the numerous long tables that take up most of the room. The meal counter is lined up along the north wall, condensated with the moisture of many steam trays. Pauline Chiu is fast at work behind the meal counter.  Saul Pine is most certainly not passing out seconds.  Judge Hart is maintaining a vigil.  The southern cafeteria bench is vacant. The central cafeteria bench is vacant. The northern cafeteria bench is vacant.]

Caption: The Cafeteria, serving sloppy synthesized meat-foods to inmates.

(Edited by NewsDesk at 1:41 am on Dec. 7, 2102)

Phantom Friday

December 01 2012

The greedy hands of the grim reaper wrapped their shadowy fingers around the life force of the infamous Kobayashi Hiro today, in a very public and extremely excruciating expiry.  

It was a gruesome display, captured live from FreeSky and broadcasted to millions of viewers across the Dome. As we watched on, news flooded in about the destruction of several Genetek data storage facilities in an act of extreme terrorism that resulted in a massive loss of life and a significant loss of clone data. Fortunately for citizens of Withmore, no attacks were reported within our own city. Genetek has confirmed that they are working to restore the lost clone data. Read More

Grand Inquisitor Anderson revealed in a public statement, that Kobayashi Hiro was involved in the act of theft of Corporate property and secrets, resulting in the mass-death of several hundreds of people through a cascading series of events.

"While [the events of the day] may very well been out of his control, he was the catalyst for this tragedy and will be remembered as such." announced the Grand Inquisitor, "Former Citizen Kobayashi Hiro, to be known henceforth as the terrorist Kobayashi Hiro is now deceased without clone data."

The Grand Inquisitor reassured the city that the events that were broadcasted live by NLM were no cause for alarm, as the mysterious viral infection that brought about the very public and excruciating death of Kobayashi, was contained and dealt with.

Many thanks are given to NLM�s courageous John Fergeson who braved the horrific events in order to bring this footage to the people, which is programmed to be broadcast again today on Channel Two.

(Edited by NewsDesk at 3:21 pm on Dec. 2, 2102)

Guess Who's Back?

Aurelie Claudel's First Article Since Cryo

I WOKE UP from cryo about a week ago. Can you imagine it - waking up one morning and remembering yesterday as clear as a crystal, except that today isn't the -tomorrow- that you were expecting? One day, you're a superstar living a glamorous life in a penthouse with champagne and the next, you're sitting in a shady bar with a rum in hand, listening to the monotonous conversation of a passive society drag on.

And I'm not talking about those times when you've spent all night dancing and partying and consuming vast quantities of alcohol, no - you tend to wake up from those, several hours, several days later, capable of picking up the pieces. Read More

Like when the legendary Jesus Christ was buried in a cavern and arose from the dead, 3 days later, so was I resurrected.

Relationships, like sharks, have to keep moving to stay alive. That's how I reasoned when I lowered down beneath the cool fog of a heavy slumber; eight years would create ample distance between me and my treacherous past. Eight long fucking years, but my face - the product of generations of meticulous eugenics, an asset that was blasted out along the waves of NLM until it penetrated the vision and minds of a passive consumer audience, nightly on Channel 68 - my face is still the same when I look in this grimy, god-knows-what covered mirror. The memories of Killian Rez, Navarre Russo, Jimmy Babylon and Seven Ecks - they're still as fresh as a squeeze of lime in a margarita.

The silence was a blood-curdling scream of anguish, set out to break my soul; any attempt to reach out to the numbers that had been etched in my memory were rewarded with a cruel beep and a sterile pre-recorded, "Invalid number, please check the number and try again." Any notion of a friend had been sacrificed. I was on my own again.

Any immigrant will know that feeling as they step through the gates. Primary needs became a concern. Without friends, you're fucked - a real friend is a rarity, a priceless treasure, the most valuable antique - they'll pull you from the dark and lead you to the light. Without a safe place to sleep, you're beyond fucked - I'd wake up in the dirty shack of a ripper, warez ripped from my flesh - and a few organs missing too.

My life was no longer a champagne dream, but a cold hard smack in the face as reality sunk in. And where does every nobody with nothing belong in this town? That decrepit, vile pit of snakes; the Mix.

There's a reason why we're all warned to stay away and Saturday, November 11, was no different. The streets were narrow, bums and street urchins haunting me with their haggard, malnourished faces. A sweet scent lingered from above; a floral bouquet, a hearty meal, a musky perfume. It did little to conceal the noxious stench of rotting meat and feces that wafted up from below. In the neon lights of a flickering hotel sign, I spotted a giant; seven-foot-tall and built like a bear with muscles that rippled with every movement.

A figure soon emerged from the shadows, the fiery mouth of a pistol gleaming in the dim light of an overhead street lamp. Footsteps pounded the pavement. The bewildered giant dropped into a fighting crouch and prepared for an attack.

There's nothing you can do against the splatter of blood and agony that occurs when a male appendage is punctured by a hurtling piece of metal. Another bullet ripped a hole in his ear. Not one to stand idle and watch, I sprang towards the assailant, grappling his bony form in my arms. But it was all in vain - my grip slipped on the dark fabric of his shroud and I watched as the giant hulk fell to the ground.

It must have been the fifth bullet that ended his life; cranial pulp splattered on the unforgiving asphalt, blood oozing from a gaping hole in his skull. As the commotion ended, the door to a rundown motorhome parked beside us opened. From every nook and cranny, Mixers came crawling out, idle spectators eager to ogle the aftermath.

My experience in the Red Sector was not uncommon. It was at that very same location that criminal Epoch 'Inko' Hendriks permanently murdered nurse Sriman Sho, dragging him behind the New Rose Hotel and stabbing him to death. Sho, who went by the alias Rune, was an an immigrant employed at Constantine General Hospital (CGH), a hospital generously funded by corporate sponsors in order to help the underprivileged.

This very same criminal is the one responsible for the previously unsolved murder of ViriiSoma's Avarius Pike when he was once a TERRA agent, fighting an uphill battle against the rampant crime that plagues Red Sector like a indiscriminate virus. An anonymous source revealed that Hendriks grabbed Pike from behind and slit his throat before burning the body and all evidence.

One may wonder why our esteemed Corporations bother to continue providing support and aide to a sector so completely overwhelmed by criminal activities, but the vermin that prey on its staff are unlikely aware of the importance of such an establishment. Before my cryo, CGH did not exist. If anyone needed treatment, their only real option was FullerMed - the place where gangers and criminals go to have bullets removed and sword wounds stapled. I've been in it: you're as likely to die from the filthy conditions as you are to get robbed on Fuller Street when leaving it.

Unlike the inaccurate and quite frankly, venomous drivel that leaks from the mouths of the unsavoury- Corporations are not the enemy- they are. Their violent attacks and vicious lies prevent the injured and ill from seeking the treatment that they often desperately need. One such lie I've heard, is that the paperwork from CGH is sent to the WJF. Investigating the matter, I found this was simply not true. After speaking with several of the staff members, it became obvious that trust was a fundamental issue with their patients. Mixers are wary of any and all corporations, even when it comes to receiving lifesaving medical procedures in their own sector.

It is not easy to find sources and the new role that I have is dangerous, however silence is a disease. Only by speaking up and uniting together against this common enemy, ignorance, that future generations will have any hope for peace. For now, it is my hope that Justice will be served, swiftly and to the full extend of the Law, to violent criminals such as Epoch Hendriks. And to all the zealous fans of Mixer-wannabe superstars, like my former onscreen fiance, Juicy Vee, take heed of my advice; the Mix is nothing like the romanticized fantasy portrayed purely for sensationalized entertainment, no - the Mix is a cesspool where filth breeds filth. It will rot anything that lingers too long.

NEWS ALERT: RLF bombs multiple Red districts

Secondary explosions. Hundreds wounded. Gone political.

Today at 16:00, explosions started happening around the lower sector of the city. Cries for help lured emergency personnel and other first-responders who were caught in secondary blasts.

SIC alias 'Sirus' started spewing verbal diarrhea over the radio waves, expounding on a rudimentary, simplistic, radical view on politics based on the kind of thinkers that have been excluded from credible academic courses for generations.

Mixers predictably reacted like animals, confused and shocked then angry and stupid, attacking each other over who got to loot the shattered corpses of the victims, mostly gangers and other criminals. Read More

Outside of the comparatively small affected areas, life carried on like nothing happened, with Mixers ready to celebrate while their fellow trash people rotted in the streets, the debris of their shabby construction projects strewn everywhere.

Overall, this is just another proof of the madness of RLF and of the Mixer vermin. While increasingly political, the terrorists' thoughts are "immature, paranoid and psychopathic" according to political scientist Lindsey Robertson, professor at Withmore University. "It is simply impossible to accept giving up individual freedom for political freedom in the context of zero-sum societies with high levels of trust eccentricity (over five points) between social layers. Synthesizing cross-media content as part of the reinvention of best-of-breed educational platforms has repeatedly shown this to be true."

The WJF assures us that immediate preventive measures will be taken and a risk-assessment for corporate areas will be processed post-haste. This does not, of course, mean it will waste any resources should the violence remain isolated. The Force continues to be a global model for the efficiency and effectiveness of our system of Law.

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