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Help for 'cloning'


There are two types of cloning techniques available. The most popular is voluntary cloning which has a modest cost. You should update clone regularly to keep your character's stats, skills, and memory up to date. Updating also has a modest cost.

If you suffer clone death, your character will awaken you at the last point you cloned, with the same skills, stats, and memory, and any events or memories happening between the time your character last cloned and the time of death is lost. Your character does not remember them.

The second type of cloning is corpse cloning. This happens when your character dies and one of your chummers takes your dying body to have you recreated. This tends to be inefficient, dangerous, and painful, as the cloning facility is dealing with dying flesh.

In this case your memories of the last 24 hours should be hazy due to brain damage; the last hour before your death, much more so. You will not remember the death itself and the events immediately leading to it. You will experience some physical and/or emotional damage through the loss of a few UE (experience or character points. see help UE), and this should be roleplayed in such that way. Pain, agony, emotional trauma as you deal with dying and coming back.
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