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Help for 'drive'

So you have a vehicle now? Yay! Depending on whether you have a car or motorcycle, there are different commands on how to operate your vehicle. Remember that "EXAMINE" is always your best friend for shortcuts.

"enter " - To get in the front seat
"board " - To get in the back seat (Please note that some cars do not have back seats.)
"exit" - To get out of the car
"control" - to move into the driver's seat (If you're the first in the front of the car, you're automatically in the driver's seat.)
"uncontrol" - To move to a passenger seat.
"start"/"shutoff" - To start your engine or shut off your engine (You must be in the driver's seat)
"drive " - To drive your car. If you know your way around, you can move through many rooms with a single command, by adding the directions to the command, similar to how "go " works. (E.g "drive e e e e n w w w w s")
"stop driving" - To stop your car if you've entered a sequence and wish to stop.
"accel"/"brake" - To move faster or slower
"auth/unauth " - If you have ownership over the car, you can let others drive by having them in the same room and typing these commands.

There are a few motorcycles which can carry more than one passengers, but please note that there are many motorcycles that can only carry one passenger so it is not a bug if your friend cannot hop on.
Most commands are shared with cars, except that you need to specify the vehicle you'd like to control. Note that if there are two motorcycles in the same room, you may need to insert a prefix. (e.g "drive 2nd cricket to e")

"mount " - To get on the motorcycle
"dismount " - To get off the motorcycle
"Drive to " - To drive, you need to clarify the motorcycle you are on.
"auth/unauth for " - If you have ownership of the motorcycle, you can let others drive by having them in the same room and typing these commands.
"Start/shutoff " - To start or shut off the engine
"Accel/brake " - To move faster or slower

For cars:
stop driving

For motorcycles:
drive to
auth/unauth for

Other helpful files:
Help vehicle
Help driving
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