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Help for 'explosives'


The Explosives skill provides for the effective use, care, and creation of a variety
of explosive devices and weapons including molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, timebombs, etc.

craft from
rig with     - Not all explosives can be used as a trap.
pull pin on
light with

NOTE: Most explosives are on a timer once activated. It's in your best interest to
separate your presence from it either from dropping it and running, or throwing it.

This skillset enables the player to manipulate explosives as well as create them from
materials that are found within the game. If you have skill in explosives examine
various items that would logically assist someone in making a destructive device.
Finding out what those items are is up to you! Explore and ask in character and you
should not have too much trouble facilitating your mad bomber tendencies.

NOTE: The examine command is your friend. To learn more about any item type
examine .
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