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Help for 'pds'

Psychophysical Disassociation Syndrome (PDS)

Slang - the syndrome, metal fatigue, fleshitis

A mental and physical condition caused by in part by the strain of the body interfacing with too much cyberware. Generally, the more complex the peice of technology, or the more power the effect on the body (e.g. a massive increase in muscle mass), the more mental and physical strain is put on the body.

Symptoms include:

- feelings of superiority towards those around you
- lack of empathy towards the problems of others
- feeling indestructible
- having a lower tolerance for the actions of others
- desire to be alone
- desire to control the behavior of others
- the willingness to express these thoughts, feelings and desires
- in severe cases, this can manifest as a full psychotic rage

There is no 'quick fix' for a case of PDS. Removal of components, as well as working out to increase your stamina and toughness can overtime improve or overcome a condition.

If the game causes your character to do something because they have PDS, it is NOT OPTIONAL, you can't undo it by saying 'ooc sorry, was PDS, lolz', it was your character acting out. Don't be a cheese dick, we will @void you for not RPing appropriately. Handle the situation ICly and expect others to as well in return.

"Faster and faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death."
- Hunter S. Thompson

help cybernetics
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