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Membership FAQ

What is this about?

Maintaining the online game so important to our community is not free. We have established The Sindome Corporation as 501c.7 Not-For-Profit corporation, aka, a social club. established to support and maintain the systems that make up our community grounds and the Sindome: Cyberpunk Roleplaying online game world.

Why must I be a member to play?

With limited resources, membership helps us ensure there is enough for everyone to have a good time. Your membership entitles you to play one character within the Sindome game world, or multiple characters with special permission from a Officer, at any given moment in the Sindome: Cyberpunk Roleplaying online game world.

Do I have to pay?

While many members choose to help defer costs by paying recurring dues for a Club Membership, Associate Members can join The Sindome Corporation and play the game for free.

Are there any requirements to be a member?

Membership is open to persons 18 years old or older, regardless of race, religion, color or other protected designation in accordance with California, Massachusetts or United States law, who has not previously been expelled from membership in accordance with our bylaws and the Sindome: Cyberpunk Roleplaying Rules of Conduct.

What's the difference between Associate Members and Club Members?

Club Members are entitled to receive the free usage of a Furnished 3 Room Apartment/Suite for the term of their membership. In terms of the game world, the Club Member's character has the rent subsidized in-character through appropriate means for 6 or 12 months at a time.

Club Members can elect to automatically renew their membership at the conclusion of each term. If the member does not elect to do so, they will become an Associate Member at the conclusion of their term as a Club Member. A limited number of Club Memberships are available, based on our expected costs each year.

Club Members nominate and vote on candidates for the Club Membership Committee biannually.

How do I pay my membership dues?

Club Membership dues can be paid via all major credit cards or directly from a PayPal account and can be paid for 6 or 12 months at a time. Sorry, we do not accept checks, money orders or bitcoin.

What about previously made donations?

Once you Agree to the Membership Agreement and become an Associate Member, if you have previous made a $25 donation within the last 6 months, or a $40 donation within the last 12 months (of June 1st 2017), you will automatically be considered a Club Member until 6 or 12 months after we confirmed your donation with all the rights and privileges it comes with. TL;DR - With your permission, your existing donation reward becomes the equivalent Club Membership entitlement.

Can I still pay for a Permanent Pad?

Yes, you can still get a Permanent Pad. If you're looking to help more, you can support the game with a $200 payment. In addition to a full year of Club Member status, you'll get a Permanent Pad that stays owned by you, even if your current character dies.

The Permanent Pad will be a custom location designed in part by you, limited to 6 rooms including a private pool, custom seating as you like. You can choose to sublet the place at your choosing.

Permanent Pads are now available in every sector of the city (and the badlands) as long as you're willing to get highly creative with the structure and location. For more information about Membership Pads then please visit the Membership Page and view the information boxes below the payment section.

Can I get a pad on Green or Blue?

Your character may be entitled to a pad on Green if they work as a corporate employee, however only in rare circumstances are players offered apartments in Blue. If you feel that you are entitled to a pad on Green then you can get in contact with a Staff Member ingame via Xhelp or send an email to help@sindome.org

Can I sublet my Pad or Perma-Pad?

Your character may only sublet their pad if the pad in question, is not a Perma-Pad.

It is not allowed to sublet an entire perma-pad for profit, subletting a single room may be allowed under specific circumstances, of which you need to discuss with an admin.

Vote Every Day
Club Membership

Sindome's expenses are paid for with the generous financial support of our Club Members. Without your help, our community wouldn't be here.

Grid 3.0 Dev

Help test out the still in development Grid 3.0. Please note, its using a snapshot of data from 4/19, so if you created your user after then, it won't exist. Lots of stuff won't work yet including grid node editing, changing your password and signing up for a new user. If it isn't available, it likely crashed and I need to restart it. - Johnny