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Help Fund the Game

All donations get you mentioned (character, online alias or realname) on the sponsors page. You'll be funding server costs and advertising costs to help bring in fresh players like you.

  • Past Supportors
  • TwistedAkai
  • Benjamin Pizio
  • Martin Nowicki
  • Gwen Adams
  • Daniel Larsen
  • Bashir Abba
  • Carrie Lane
  • Bashir Abba
  • Robert Smith
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  • Teo Acosta
  • Christine Vanmeenen
  • Dakota Tageson-Crane
  • Daniel Larsen
  • Marcus Riedner
  • Oct 2011 to Sept 2012
  • Mark Christiansen
  • Patrick Venable
  • Aikaterini Liakopoulou
  • Benjamin Pizio
  • Daniel Larsen
  • Benjamin Pizio
  • Bradley Stacpoole
  • "Maksim"
  • Daniel Jefferson
  • Constantin Vrahnos
  • Evan Tomlin
  • Robert Allegretti
  • Oct 2010 to Sept 2011
  • Benjamin Pizio
  • Crystal McDonald
  • Robert Maples
  • Robert Johnson
  • William Slattery
  • Oct 2009 to Sept 2010
  • Robert Maples
  • Harrison Graham
  • Jaakko Sailaranta
  • Robert Maples
  • Jeremy Dwyer
  • Robert Dodd
  • Oct 2008 to Sept 2009
  • Craig Slee
  • Sean Campbell
  • Claire Percer
  • Daniel Jefferson
  • Martin Nowicki
  • Jesse Rector
  • Sven Eriksson
  • Marcus Riedner
  • Diego Diehl
  • Jesse Rector
  • Marcus Riedner
  • Aaron Leibowitz
  • Marcus Riedner
  • Eric Fernandes
  • Before Oct 2008
  • Marcus Riedner
  • Marcus Riedner
  • Dustin Scott
  • Kevin Fling
  • Izabela Sliwinska
  • Karl Hess


  • $25 gets you 6 months rent at a unique pad on red OR green
  • $40 gets you 12 months rent at a unique pad on red OR green
  • $100 [[currently unavailable]]
  • $200 gets you a permanent pad in the city OR badlands


Permanent Pad:

A custom location designed in part by you, limited to 6 rooms including a private pool, custom seating as you like. Should your character die, your next character will somehow be granted the use of the same location in an IC manner. You can choose to sublet the place at your choosing. Permanent Pads are now available in every sector of the city (and the badlands) as long as you're willing to get highly creative with the structure and location.

Additional Guidelines

Unique and permanent pads will be dealt with in an IC manner. You'll come into the location ICly, there might be a backstory to the place, a previous owner may one day show up on your doorstep! If due to an IC situation, your character does not feel safe at home or is separated from their home, you can expect to be icly returned or otherwise compensated at some point. For instance, if gangers take over your perm red pad because you led them all back there and they icly have a hate on for you: we'd likely move you somewhere else. The point is, we'll keep things IC, but we'll also square things OOCly with you. Make sense?

Please note that as of Jan 21st, 2014, new sponsorship rewards will be issued no sooner than 30 days after joining the game. You need a certain level of familiarity with the game before you join us in making the decisions these rewards come with. If you are unable to have a good time without rewards, you're not going to have a good time when we ICly affect them for a storyline.

Connection Info

HOST: moo.sindome.org

PORT: 5555