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A tought on TV Shows and RP.
Shush woman! I'm watching the damn documentary.

While we were testing the TV shows and chatting about the fine-tune of it... Being the perfectionist that I am and working with design and colors integrations on major applications something came to mind :

The tv text colors are too bright. The cyan and bold white letters have too much contrast with the normal m00 text (player actions, poses, text, etc..). And with a show that has 30 minutes to an hour of lenght, people will get lost on it... The poses of other people will fade among the TV text.

So my idea was just to take them a tone down, dark them a bit so they don't compete with the RP that is happening in the room.

I know that you can change the channel and whatever, but if a player is alone in a room watching the tv show, he might miss the entrance of others and even a page from the admins.

Or maybe a volume feature that changes the colors just like on those progia-9 phones, bright = high, dark=low...

As i said, just a perfectionist detail, feel free to overlook them.

(Edited by Xeethot at 5:06 pm on Aug. 29, 2004)

Are color codes compatible with babble-on??

If so, wtf are they?

...no idea, but that's the kinda thing where I've tweaked my client settings so everything's all in similar shades of different colours. Obviously different but nothing too jarring.

I don't want to suggest that SD recommend *one* client and *one* set of colours for it, but... yeah.

You will -never- take away my green text.

Your colors are MINE NOW.

Meh, I use red...on top of
. In a console window. Its yummy.

Honestly though, a little colour in moderation...although I might tye dye your screen. :boom:

Whose down for a hypnotoad channel?

A bleak white room collides with infinity, blah zey blah fucking weird.
Hypnotoad is standing here.

look hypnodtoad on tv

:Insert trippy colour splash. If combined with drukqs induce lucid $dream:

La La La.

(Edited by ReeferMadness at 10:47 pm on Nov. 9, 2006)