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How to BGBB
Etiquette & Best Practices For Writing Posts

General Rules

1. No shit posting or flame wars

2. No revealing IC information or referencing IC events

3. Use the site search at the top of the page to see if a topic has been posted previously before starting a new thread.

4. Keep your responses on topic. If a post inspires you to discuss something only tangentially related, create a new post.

5. Don't post bugs. Those can be submitted in game via the '@bug' command.

6. Do not post OOC contact information on the forums, this is a bannable offense (email, skype, etc)

7. No harassment, threats, trolling, hate speech, NSFW content, or insults.

Things We Consider Poor Form

1. Posting or advocating for ideas that will benefit only a select few in character IE: make the gun my character uses 10x better. The BGBB is about improving the game and the community as a whole.

2. 'I quit' threads. We are sorry to see you go, but that isn't what the forum is for.

3. Gripes against other players. If you have an OOC issue with someone else, xhelp and speak with a staff member or email [email protected]

4. Gripes against the admin. If you had a bad experience with an admin, email [email protected] to speak with a senior staff member.

5. Getting pissed off and insulting people

6. Being unhelpful in your responses

7. Frivolous or one word posts and +1'ing -- This isn't social media. Write a real response please. Otherwise you are just spamming.

8. Overposting, or off topic responses

Things To Remember

1. You do not need to respond to a post just because you don't like the topic or idea.

2. Not all ideas are going to be accepted and if you hate an idea you do not need to respond saying so.

3. If you shitpost you will be banned from the forums.

4. Tone is hard to decipher. Assume the people posting have best intentions.

5. Choose to be helpful instead of a detractor. Point people in the right direction if they are missing information or context that might change their mind-- as opposed to just telling them they are wrong.

Good Titles & Subtitles

Spend time thinking about your topic and don't phone it in. Write a GOOD title and subtitle that will give people an understanding of what your posts are about. Don't make people guess. Don't write click bait. Be specific, so that the topic can be reviewed by folks that are interested.

Title: Telling if GMs Are Busy

Subtitle: How to tell? Here are some commands...

Title: New Support GM Position!

Subtitle: A short-term (3 month) GM shift

Title: Civilization Dev: "Water Finds a Crack"

Subtitle: "Players will optimize the fun out of a game."

Title: Some General Automotive Ideas

Subtitle: Creating more cool automobiles megathread

Title: More illness for antibiotics

Subtitle: Something to make characters to RP more

Bad Titles & Subtitles

Use the optional subtitle to provide more context around your post. Don't write one word titles or leave context out of your title.

Title: Wrong?

Subtitle: tell me i'm right

Title: @notes

Subtitle: [no subtitle provided]

Title: Licenses

Subtitle: [no subtitle provided]

Where should I make my post?

Anything Really: An open forum, typically used for topics that do not fit in any other forum. Examples include:

1. Character Art

2. Non-Sindome Specific Discussions

3. Random Game Development and Game Related stuff that isn't Sindome specific

4. Personality Type discussions (MBTI, etc)

5. Character Soundtracks & Music Threads

6. General Announcements (Staff)

7. Character Soundtracks

Theme: This is a place to discuss the general theme of the IC world, from and Out of Character perspective. Examples include:

1. Cyberpunk Slang

2. Discussion of the new player experience & how we can welcome new players while still being gritty and cyberpunk

3. Discussion of Cyberpunk as relates to Sindome

4. Discussion of theme related changes

5. Discussion of where and how characters feature in the world

6. Discussion of the divide between the haves and the have-nots

Cyberpunk Culture: The place to talk about IRL cyberpunk literature, movies, technology, books, etc. Examples include:

1. New cyberpunk TV or movies or books

2. Cyberpunk Podcasts

3. Cyberpunk news

Hi-Tech: The place to talk about 21st century technology that is bordering on cyberpunk. Examples:

1. AI

2. Robots

Connection Trouble: You are having trouble connecting to the game and want help. Examples:

1. Can't connect with a specific client

2. Webclient issues

Ideas: This is where you post ideas for how you believe the game could be improved. Examples:

1. Ideas for new features you think the game would benefit from (code, mechanics, systems)

2. Ideas for balancing (weapons, drugs, combat, etc)

3. Ideas for improvements (code, help files, disguises, etc)

Game Problems & Complaints: This is for more generalized discussion than the Ideas forum. Topics in this section may be issues you have seen with the game that you believe need to be discussed, even if you don't have an idea for an immediate solution. This is for more broad discussion than Ideas. Examples:

1. Discussion of how pickpocketing works as a mechanic

2. Discussion of how macros work and how they could be improved

3. Issues with combat or drugs or implementations of features that you think are causing issues

4. Balancing issues that should be discussed

Website Problems & Announcements: Discuss things that might be broken or need work on the website. This is also where updates to the website itself are posted. Examples:

1. Thoughts on how we could improve the website

2. Solicitations for advice on what we could add to the website

3. Poll ideas for the website

New Game Features & Bug Fixes: This is the staff post about new features. Typically, only staff are creating new posts here. Examples:

1. Rolling bug fixes threads

2. New builds and information on new features

3. Major feature updates or releases

Do NOT respond to this thread.


* Be clear and concise in your topic titles (they live on forever and people need to find them in the future)

* Keep your topic to ONE topic (especially ideas) as your topic title is the guide for the discussion and the guard rails for what the discussion will involve.


Let me give some additional reasoning why good post titles and subtitles are super important. Just as important as staying on topic, and if you have additional ideas during the course of a thread, creating a new topic to discuss that idea in. Let's take the IDEAS forum as an example.

Coders routinely pull up the IDEAS forum and scan it for things to work on. Many of us do this when we have 30-60 minutes we can spend making some improvements.

* If the title is vague, coder doesn't know what it is all about and may just cruise on by.

* If the title covers multiple topics, coder might think 'well I went in there and took the original posters idea and implemented it' without realizing that 37 posts in someone else posted a great idea and that great idea is now buried and probably will be missed.

* The more people posting vague topic titles, the more muddy the discussion gets. A topic title is the GUIDE for scoping what the discussion is about.

* The more people posting vague topics, the more new people think it is par for the course and pick up that habit.

* If your title is vague, it may get double posted because someone using the website search or scanning the page or using control + f for keywords, is not going to find the keywords they are looking for because your topic is 'some improvements to make'.

It's up to each of you to put time/thought into your topic title, as it's going to (most likely) live on forever.

Do not reply to this thread.

Folks, please assume best intentions when reading and responding. This means assuming the person who posted did not mean offense. I can't speak to each of your experiences IRL. However, I will relate my own experience.

I consider myself a member of the LGBTQIA community. I run a Slack for Boston LARPers and I'm the workspace owner which means that I need to approve changes to people's Profile sections, like adding new fields. Several members approached me and wanted to add pronouns to profiles so people would know how to refer to each other. This sounded good to me so I went to add it. I had to pick a name for the field so i said 'what should it be called? Preferred pronouns?' because that was the term I had heard many times from members of the community in the past and in the media and things I read, and at work.

The members, without malice, let me know that there was nothing preferred about their pronouns. They were not trying to take or ask for something that didn't belonged to them. They were just pronouns. As such we should just say pronouns.

This was about six months ago (Spring 2019). I didn't mean offense. I just wasn't aware that the term 'preferred pronouns' had been called out as something allies do not say because it makes assumptions that are unfair and negative (that someone doesn't really have right to the pronouns they are adopting). Our language around gender has been changing pretty quickly. That is a good thing in this day and age.

That does mean folks won't always be on the same page. Sometimes someone may say something that you find offensive. Sometimes they mean it to be offensive, and sometimes, like what happened with me, they just need someone to explain the situation to them that they might not make the same mistake in the future.



Do not reply to this post.

SELFIE THREADS: These are now forbidden. Don't post pics of yourself. Post character art instead.