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Part 4: Math
1 + 1 = ?

As you probablly noticed in the 99 Bottles of beer script, you can now 'decrement' (decrease by one) variables that are integers (numbers). You can also increment (increase by one) them with the 'increment' command.

You can also do math with the 'math' command.

The math command takes a result variable, a left hand operand, a operator, and a right hand operand, and sets the result to the result variable, with valid operators being + - * / (plus, minus, multiply, divide respectively).

It looks like this.

set "%a" 1
set "%b" 1
math "%c" = %a "+" %b
// %c is now 2
math "%d" = 2 "*" %c
// %d is now 4
math "%d" = %d "-" 1
// %d is now 3

You can check to see if two numbers are equal or not equal in the standard way:

if equals 1 %a
 //do something

if notequals %a %b
 //do something
 //do something else

And finally you can get a random number between 1 and X by with 'random "%rand" X' where X is any positive number. If you want to make it negative afterwords, multiply it by -1.

Like this

random "%rand" 4
if equals 1 %rand
 //do 1 here
elseif equals 2 %rand
 //do 2 here
elseif equals 3 %rand
 //do 3 here
elseif equals 4 %rand
 //do 4 here

If your confused as to why this is useful, take a look at the 99 Bottles of Beer script... You can do really dynamic things.

Questions? Comments? Screams of agony?