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Apple Mac
Best M** client

Anyone use a Mac out there? I'm trying to find the best Mac M** client to run on Panther. I was thinking of Savitar. MacMush hasn't been updated for years, and I'm not sure if Rapscallion works on OS X properly.

Any Apple peeps out there beside me?

I here TinyFuge is a big hit among the vi people.


I use tkMOO-Light (http://www.awns.com/tkMOO-light), which is a free download, but I am on OS 9.2. �There is not an OS X version yet, but there are instructions on running on OS X at http://www.awns.com/tkMOO-light/macosx.html.

It might be more of a pain in the ass than it's worth for you, but I love this client. �You have to configure the colors for Sindome (black background, ANSI colors on, etc.), but it's not a big deal.

Hope this helps.

Both Iga and myself are Mac users.

I use TinyFugie via the Terminal because it's real light-weight, but I doubt it's friendly enough for a Mac user who isn't a command line junkie.

I've tried Rapscallion (the Carbon framework is crrrrrapp!) and Cantrip, but at the end of the day, because I'm editing stuff on the MOO, I have to use VMOO via Virtual PC because -none- of the Mac MOO clients come configured to support local editing like VMOO does.

Local editing makes our MOO go around. Development would be half the speed, easily, if it wasn't for VMOO. Poor Iga weeps everytime he can't use it.

:uglycry: Boy is it ugly when he cries. alone. in the darkness.