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Can't get in with first character

So this is my first time ever trying this MUD thing. Was craving a game with real roleplaying in it though so it sounded like a good idea.

Anyways onto the problem. Made an account, then I verified it and I logged in and it gave me my first character. Clicked play now and it brought me to another log in screen. It asks for email and password so I enter them and it tells me their info is wrong. Double, triple, quadruple checked that I'm entering it in right and I am, still doesnt accept it as correct. I thought that maybe I should enter the info for the character like I was emailed, didnt accept that either.

I feel like an idiot but am I missing something ? Really dont want this to ruin my first foray into this and try at another MUD because I was looking forward to trying this and really wanted something sci-fi/cyberpunk.

Help please.

Try logging in directly in-MOO with this link:


If no dice, email staff at help@sindome.org