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Connect to Sindome @ moo.sindome.org:5555 or just Play Now

Early MOOve?

Well, hrm, it's only 8:04a here on the east coast, and I can't seem to connect. Which leads me to believe either A)Server's down...again.
B)We're moving earlier than we thought.
C)Both A and B.

At anyrate, we'll see you after the moove. If the game comes back before the move, street sleepers are OFF LIMITS! as always.


Yeah, it fucking went down again around ... 1AM PST I think.

Machine wasn't up by 4AM, so I went to bed, I -assume- were in the middle of the move about now.

I want my moo back up ... I'm stuck watching a Hugh Grant movie.

Check it out guys! Have you been staring at your MOOclient all day waiting? Me too! Just an update, the MOOve is coming along nicely from what I hear. And we'll have our game back 2 hours tops! gotta love it. I can't wait...I think I'm going to withdraw so I'll clean my room and start laundry so I can pack tomorrow or maybe monday.


Watching my MOOclient all day? Do you think I don't have a life or something?

I've been watching Bladerunner.



Well, we finally made it! Switched boxes, Jman compiled the server. Everything is going well. The new box is still a bit buggy, but we (that means johnny) is working his ass off to get everything back to normal.

If you notice ANY problems for the next few days report them ASAP! And thank your lucky stars we (johnny again) knows what he's doing to make that transition as painless as possible!

That being said: Game ON!