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MOO Down?

I can't connect via the web client.

When I connect via putty, it takes a LONG time for the welcome screen to show up. And when it does, I type my connect string, and nothing happens for a long time. Finally it says "I don't understand that."


I'm in the same boat.

Scratch that, I can connect, but responses to commands are super, super slow.

As some of you have noticed, we're suffering from a teensy* bit of lag right now. Everyone is working hard to resolve it, but until then, there is limited utility in logging in.

Again, we're working as hard as we can to resolve and hope to have restored normality soon, assuming we can figure out what's normal anyway.

*Not teensy.

We have restored from a backup taken at 4:30AM(ish) DST on November 25th. Please RP accordingly, some of you may have to redo RP. If you have any questions, please xhelp. Everyone who was caught outside should be waking up in a coffin.

Thanks folks!