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Connect to Sindome @ moo.sindome.org:5555 or just Play Now

Port 5555 unusable....
Damn firewall is blocking it now...

Is there any way I can connect using port 8080 or something like a redirection url so i can still pester you while I'm at work?

Why not use SSH to tunnel?

Setup your home machine to accept SSH requests on a port and forward to SD on 5555. Then you can moo over SSH (think puTTy or SecureCRT).

my home computer is dialup... :(

*looks at Johnny's post*
*scratches head*
Me like dis cumpooter bcuz it maake pritty lites

Use an http tunnel, like the one that can be found at http://www.http-tunnel.com

I used to use one while I was at work, it was a little bit laggy at times, but hey, beggars can't be chosers.

Thanx King[fu]!!!! Yeepeee....

*runs towards the game*