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timed out

has anyone else been experianceing request time outs when trying to use the Bgbb? it's happened alot recently.  Maybe it's just me and i'm dropiing packets....(which my old ISP told me i was due to Ma' Bell)  but I was wandering if anyone else was experianceing thes problems...I think it actually did it to me getting on the sindome site itself too,


Off topic -

Could someone please tell me roughly how much bandwidth it takes to play SD? There's a limit restriction for 4/c...
Xiexie :)

You use more bandwidth checking your hotmail and using Instant Messenger. SD is very low bandwidth.

My password doesn't seem to work to log me on any more.
The game booted me out and d.ced me but now I can't get back in.
I'll explain more later when I'm not so dead tired...please care for Nava ICly.

- 'Na

This is really strange...
I logged on at about noon today and could get to my character fine. Now I just tried to log in and I'm getting the same problem I had last night - either the character doesn't exist or the password is wrong.
Thing is, I'm sure both are right. And they worked before.

Any idea what's wrong?


we beat auburn today 17 to 3 and tore down two goal posts, which i happily report i got some of.

but yeah lena my guess is it's the telnet client. I had that  happen to me when i formatted my lappy b/c my telnet was screwy.

babe email me. please.