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Server outage
Murphy's law in full effect.

Last night the server crashed at a most inoppertune time, and this morning it's still not up. As of this moment we do not have an ETA for when it will return, but rest assured we have notified the proper authorities and they will resolve the problem.

Scheduled RP will contiue, conditions permitting, althought it's a REAL shame that we will in all likelyhood loose what happened last night. This is not offical yet however, so keep your fingers crossed.

Standard rules do apply, but we will try to move everyone in a public location to the coffins as soon as we get it back up.

That is all. Questions, comments, and screams of agony go below.


Hmmm... I thought it was the crappy people that poked my firewall...

I'm just glad I wasn't the first to post once again...


Because I can not recreate last night (1st of December) were going to go as if the TV shit actually went down and Lena actually got the tokens from Doodle.

Now, some of you are gasping at the revealing of IC information, BUT, this happened on TV, witnessed by some 65 million of your close neighbors, so its all cool. It -is- public knowledge that a person who looks like that character got the tokens from Doodle.

Just because I said the name here, DOES NOT MEAN YOU KNOW IT IN THE GAME.

So, in summary, what you saw on TV will have actually happened.

~ J

Got some very limited news, but I figured I'd share it with you guys since you haven't heard anything.

Jim (our gracious host) is aware that the machine isn't playing nice and is actively looking into the problem. He does not yet know what it is, so there is no ETA on the fix and startup. I know, no SinDope still, my IV drip is dry myself.

More as I know it ...

~ J