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Windows Phone+Webclient

Tried asking in-game on xgame and xooc. Minus the bitching I could insert here, lets just say the community online the times I've asked were unable to help me.

So I need someone to help me out with trying to access the webclient on my Windows Nokia Lumia 635 phone. I go to the thing, I can log in and connect, but there is two windows popped up in my way. One that says "Save session at HTML log" "Reconnect" "Close all windows"

Then behind that is a blue box with "Help topics" "Search" "report bug" "report typo"

I've tried scrolling the screen/zooming out, hitting reconnect, hitting close all windows and pulling it up and even though I have my character connected in the background I can't actually get to the dialogue box to type into.

I was actually just about to ask about this. I have a similar problem, I believe this is due to the internet explorer being the only browser on can get on these god awful phones. You guys have mentioned you have a Windows 8.1 client download for Sindome. Could you guys please put that on the Nokia store somehow? Because it sadly does not show up on my searches. This is aggravating: I recently lost my andripd and had to regress back to the Nokia. My phone was my primary way to play, so my RP quality has suffered tremendously. Hoping there is a possible fix here.

Windows Phone 8 unfortunately provides no native websocket-support, so the webclient will never function for you until MS gets their head out of their arse and supports the standard.

Well drat. Guess I'm back to weekend warrior.