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So, just so everyone knows, e-notes, and it seems, e-prints, are not in the best of shape.  They tend to lag the moo as well as not work properly in general.  I'm just letting everyone know.  Resumes and flyers seem to print okay, but newspapers have a problem.

Especially with longer files.

I have done a bit of testing, and dare not touch the code on e-notes as they deal with the file system which I am not familiar with.

However, I have found that e-notes do seem to work properly if you give them enough time to save the notes.

Saving a note is not as easy as it looks.  It says 'note saved' but what it really means is, hey we started the save process and it's going to take a few minutes.  Your data will still be available I think, as it's temporarily stored on the e-note, but things like printing and deleting and some other stuff wont work properly and will throw the e-note out of wack if you try to do them before the file is actually saved.

So when you add a new note.. wait a minimum of 5 minutes before trying to do ANYTHING with it.  This may prevent data loss as well as some other problems.  At least until we can take a hard look at the code.

From my experience, printed multi-page newspapers can look perfectly fine just as long as you're careful with the formatting and use .pagebreak every now and then to ensure that no page reaches 40 lines long.

I'd suggest doing a few test prints to make sure it looks okay before printing 10 copies or whatever, but with the state of the code I suppose that might not be a good idea. XD