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EEK It knows my name!

I was curious as to how the sexy diamon clad lady knows the name of the people she speaks to? Is it a SIC thing or an evil WJF citizen database of doom or que?

Ever see SIC puppy when he sniffs someone without a SIC?

Then she shouldn't know the name of SICless people?

The situation that made me think of this is: Bob and Goat are standing around a station and HoloBoobies pops up saying, �Bob, Bob. Buy diamonds, they�ll get you laid.� Goat is confused because Goat knows Bob only by the name Ninja!. So Goat, the bright little thing that he is asks, �Hey Ninja!. Who the heck is Bob?� Now Bob is annoyed because he has no SIC and he doesn�t want anyone to know this defining personal fact or, for that matter, his real name. What is poor Bob to do?

(Edited by Bias at 9:21 am on May 22, 2004)

It's pretty simple to fix.

Bob goes postal and kills everyone involved.

Have you heard an ad refer to someone by name who didn't have a SIC? If so, thats a bug, hehe.

Yeah..  its ha[[ened to me in the past.  And recently I get some weird things like that as well..  why would they know your name if say..  you had a nameless SIC installed?  Or one that belonged to another person?

*shoots the SICpuppy in the head and serves it up in a stir fry*

If it's possible to install a -nameless- SIC, that is a bug.

They refer to you by your login name.

If they take the information from your SIC, shouldn't they use the 'real' name they have for you on record?

That way, people could point and laugh when they discover that Mad Dog McMurderer's real name is Tarquin.

Then they'd die; But at least they'd die laughing.

At least his name wasn't 'Marion'

Wouldn't it use the name that the SIC was installed using?

Is there an echo on this board?

I coulda sworn I said that..

Ah, sort of.  I was refering to the fact that they you know.. they say the characters name, and not the name on the SIC.

Your post was confusing okay!

*Runs away*